Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Some Members of the juries of the MuVi Award (since 1999):


Karl Bartos, Germany (2004); Ingibjörk Birgisdottír, Iceland (2011); Jeremy Boxer, Great Britain (2006); Dagie Brundert, Germany (2000); Nathan Budzinski, Great Britain (2015); Steffie Van Cauter, Belgium (2017); Ralph Christoph, Germany (2012); Jem Cohen, USA (2001); Russell Curtis, Great Britain (2001); Antonin de Bemels, Belgium (2015);  Frank Dommert, Germany (2016); Michael Fakesch, Germany (2016); Julia Dorner, France (1999); Christoph Dreher, Germany (1999); Kodwo Eshun, Great Britain (1999); Lauri Faggioni, USA (2005); Christian Fennesz, Austria (2005); Isabelle Gaudefroy, France (2013); Thomas Gross, Germany (1999); Christian Höller, Austria (2013); Olaf Karnik, Germany (2014); Michel Klöfkorn, Germany (2013); Daniel Kothenschulte, Germany (2017); Carine Le Malet, France (2010); Holger Liebs, Germany (2003); Lillevän, Germany (2010); Melissa Logan, Germany (2006); John Maybury, Great Britain (2002); Thomas Meinecke, Germany (2003); Daniel Miller, Great Britain (2012); Paul D. Miller, USA (2002); Amanda Pellerin, Great Britain (2017); Phoenix Perry, USA (2011); Charles Petit, France (2004); Eric Pfeil, Germany (2010); Hannah Pilarczyk, Germany (2016); Taina Ronkainen, Finland (2014); Laetitia Rouxel, France (2012); Pipilotti Rist, Switzerland (2004); Pinky Rose, Germany (1999); Svenja Rossa, Germany (2002); Georg Seeßlen, Germany (2000); Floria Sigismondi, Canada (2003); Mika Taanila, Finland (2006); Sandra Trostel, Germany (2015); Klaus Walter, Germany (2014); Mark Webber, Great Britain (2000); Arezu Weitholz, Great Britain (2001).



Comment on the work of the MuVi-Jury


"I'll never forget how Charles Petit, Karl Bartos and I wrote our award statements, pounding the computer keys with six hands in the middle of the night. There were a few gems among the award winners." - Pipilotti Rist, Member of the MuVi-Jury 2004