Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

MuVi International

Deconstructing Reality in the Making © Katharina Barbosa Blad

Since 1998 the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen shows a selection of trend-setting and visually exceptional international music videos. In this way the Festival is able to document current developments in the genre. The screening MuVi International presents around 80 minutes of clips in large format each year.


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MuVi International

Peau de Chagrin / Bleu de Nuit © Baloji



Like Sugar (Kim Gehrig), Kim Gehrig, UK, 2018, 4’00”

Godmother (Holly Herndon & Jlin (ft. Spwan)), Daniel Costa Neves, Portugal, 2018, 2’50”

Fairytale (IC3PEAK), Jakov Burov/IC3PEAK, Russia/Ukraine, 2018, 2’45”

stay sane (Pink Siifu), Mortis Studio, USA, 2018, 3’30”

Elvis: Strung Out, Mark Oliver, Canada, 2018, 4’33”

Drama Free (deadmau5 ft. Lights), Nick DenBoer, Canada, 2018, 3’15”

Nowhere, Nobody (Earl Sweatshirt), Naima Ramos-Chapman/Terence Nance, USA, 2019, 8’30”

This Is England (Farai), TONE, UK, 2018, 3’10”

PEAU DE CHAGRIN / BLEU DE NUIT (Baloji), Baloji, Democratic Republic of the Congo/Belgium, 2018, 9’49”

Faceshopping (Sophie), SOPHIE/Aaron Chan, USA, 2018, 4’00”

Discipline (OrelSan), Adrien Lagier/Ousmane Ly, France, 2019, 2’50”

Deconstructing Reality in the Making, Katharina Barbosa Blad, Norway, 2018, 5’21”

Poor Sucker (Low), Karlos Rene Ayala, USA, 2018, 3’45”

Got to Keep On (The Chemical Brothers), Michel Gondry/Olivier Gondry, France, 2019, 3’07”

We'll Take It (Oneohtrix Point Never), Nate Boyce, USA, 2018, 4’00”

If the Car Besides You Moves Ahead (James Blake), Alexander Brown, UK, 2018, 4’30”



Fri, 3 May, 22:00 h

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Lichtburg



Mon, 6 May, 14:30 h

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Star