Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

NRW Competition

Die sehen ja nur, die wissen ja nichts © Silke Schönfeld

In the youngest competition at Oberhausen, the filmmakers of the region meet their audience. The varied programme presents independent productions as well as the most interesting student films of the current year. Here, regulars of the Festival meet new talents still to be discovered - a mixture highly appreciated by both regional and professional audiences.


North Rhine-Westphalia is not only home to the Oberhausen Festival but also one of the most important and creative film production locations in Germany. And the NRW competition, as diverse in scope as North Rhine-Westphalia as a film location, is open to all genres, styles and themes.

Them People © Nausheen Javed

The short films submitted here have a threefold chance of being shown at the Festival because, in addition to the NRW Competition, they can also qualify for the German or International Competition. The films are selected by an independent committee.


Three cash prizes totalling €2,250 are awarded for productions from NRW. A jury whose members are appointed for a period of three years awards the Prize for the Best Contribution to the NRW Competition and the NRW Promotional Award. In addition, a WDR jury decides on the Westart Award, which is also endowed with a purchase option.


Contact: Carsten Spicher

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WDR Westart Jury 2020

(due to the coronavirus, the Westart Jury 2020 was made up of members of the WDR Westart editorial team)


Maximilian Burk, Westart features producer, Cologne

Katja Lüber, Westart features producer, Cologne

Christiane Niemann, Westart editor, Cologne



Members of the WDR Westart Audience Jury since 2018


Miriam Brandstetter, Düsseldorf (2019); Andrea Brockmann, Essen (2018); Marlis Burgschulte, Frechen (2018); Ulrike Flach, Meschede (2018); Claudia Frank, Essen (2018); Dirk Gerigk, Gelsenkirchen (2019); Johann Held, Cologne (2019); Willi Hoffmann, Oberhausen (2019); Adeline Keil (2018); Christina Kirk, Solingen (2019)Alfred Krüner (2018); Wolfgang Neisser, Cologne (2018); Saskia Rook, Oberhausen (2018); Armin Schipper, Frechen (2018); Andreas Stephan, Meerbusch (2018); Birgit Thamm, Niedersachen (2019); Kerstin Thörner, Düsseldorf (2019); John Williams, Cologne (2019); Sabine Williams, Cologne (2019)

Members of the juries of the last few years


Gunter Deller, Frankfurt am Main (2018- 2020); Florian Deterding, Dusseldorf (2015- 2017); Barbara Fischer-Rittmeyer, Dortmund (2012- 2014); Natascha Gikas, Frankfurt am Main (2012- 2014); Silke Gottlebe, Dresden (2015- 2017); Kathrin Häger, Cologne (2018- 2020); Andreas Heidenreich, Darmstadt (2015- 2017); Gabi Hindenberger, Bochum (2009- 2011); Ute Mader, Leverkusen (2009- 2011); Marita Quaas, Cologne (2018- 2020); Jens Schneiderheinze, Muenster (2012- 2014); Dirk Steinkühler, Cologne (2009- 2011); more