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© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

The Podium series forms an ideal complement to the competition discussions, spontaneous conversations and Q&As at the Festival, offering a place where scholars, artists, curators and authors can come together to discuss current issues relevant to the short form, whether aesthetic, economic, political or technologica.

Do we still have time for films?

4 May


Film festivals need not fear the internet, we thought, because people will always want to watch films together. What we hadn’t bargained for was that people no longer want to watch films at all because their time is consumed by the internet. This Podium is meant to take stock and collect ideas, not just among film festivals.

Leaving the cinema and its consequences

5 May


This discussion will examine to what extent the aesthetic and political goals and strategies of independent film at the end of the 60s are still influential and relevant today. Prominent figures and international guests will speak about the visions of that time and how they have been fulfilled.



After youtube – music video after the internet

6 May


The advent of video portals and social media platforms has left its traces on the music clip as well. The panel will explore the contours of this change: how are the aesthetics of the clips changing? And what types of usage are coming to the fore?

Exhibition and the cinema

7 May


Can film exhibitions be of value for the social space of cinema? Does this social space, created by the shared experience of a film projection, merge with the art space's complementary realm of individual experience with the material objects? Or does the art sphere and its different mode of reception dominate anyway?



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