Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


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The Podium series forms an ideal complement to the competition discussions, spontaneous conversations and Q&As at the Festival, offering a place where scholars, artists, curators and authors can come together to discuss current issues relevant to the short form, whether aesthetic, economic, political or technological.


Contact: Susannah Pollheim

The Disappearance of the Spectator

Digital moving images are everywhere. But on the other side, more and more young artists are fascinated by the origins of these images, more specifically the analogue devices. How is this related to the practice of early cinema? And what about the spectators? Are they doomed to become exhibition visitors? Moderated by writer, art critic and filmmaker Eric de Kuyper, Brussels.

Experimental Film and Art World Taxonomies


While experimental film artists have historically been important contributors to the art world, the separation of art and film has become increasingly apparent. This is especially true of recent works using celluloid, analogue methodologies and new materialities. This panel will interrogate the reasons for this new divide and the “outsider” status of experimental filmmakers. Moderated by film scholar and curator Janine Marchessault, Toronto.

Culture and Climate – What Next?

In the age of climate crisis, one thing can no longer be repressed: the more people from all over the world come together in one place, the more the climate will be damaged. In the search for effective measures, the focus of this panel is on improvement potentials for cultural festivals. The audience are invited to contribute examples from their own (working) lives. Moderated by curator and film scholar Laura Walde, Winterthur.

Expansions in/of the Collection


With regard to Expanded cinema, interesting aspects have emerged in recent years in the context of curatorial and collection practices. The panel will discuss issues of accessibility to such works, of collecting, selling, documenting, and archiving Expanded cinema, performance, video installation, etc. Moderated by curator and media scholar Marc Glöde, Singapore.

Theme: Solidarity as Disruption – Cooperation, Dissensus and Solidarity


From the community of cinema lovers of the 1960s to 1980s via alternative cultural infrastructures in the 1980s to the new meaning of collective authorship in the digital paradigm and the movements that expand the spaces of cinema in the 2000s, the panel brings together different positions that explore a continuous dialogue of dissensus, cooperation and solidarity. Moderated by Theme curators Branka Bencic and Aleksandra Sekulic.