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This section was launched in 2013 to bring some attention to an often neglected subject: archiving and restoring experimental films.


Every year, selected archives present projects and programmes, including, so far, the Academy Film Archive (Los Angeles), the BFI National Film Archive, the Cinémathèque Française, the Eye Film Institute Amsterdam, the National Film Center (Tokyo), the Slovenska Kinoteka and the Austrian Film Museum.


Contact: Eva Hegge

ACC Film and Video Archiv
7 May


This Archive was founded three years ago and is the first in Asia to collect, preserve and promote Asian experimental films and video art. The presentation will focus on regional, historic and institutional issues, selection criteria and ongoing plans to extend its activities.



Ori, Terayama Shuji, Japan, 1964, 10’49” 

Shelter Plan (Hi-Red Center), Jonouchi Motoharu, Japan, 1964, 19’00”

1/24 choeui euimi, Ku-Lim Kim, South Korea, 1969, 11’00”

Kumeong, Ok-hi Han/Kaidu Club, South Korea, 1974, 9’00”


Mo, 7 May, 02.30 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Gloria

Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg / Centre national de l’audiovisuel
6 May


The Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, founded in 1977, and the Centre national de l‘audiovisuel, founded in 1989, each collect parts of Luxembourg's cinema and TV legacy. Their two directors will explain how their fields of work intersect.



Ein Besuch in der Champagnerfabrik Mercier (excerpt), Peter Marzen/Wendel Marzen, Luxembourg, 1907, 2’00”

Echternacher Springprozession (excerpt), Peter Marzen/Wendel Marzen, Luxembourg, 1906, 1’00”

Les danseurs d’Echternach (excerpt), Evy Friedrich, Luxembourg, 1947, 1’29”

Marie-Adelheid im Kino, Felix Medinger, Luxembourg, 1912, 1’00”

Les Kiriki, acrobates japonais, Segundo de Chomón, France, 1907, 2’40”

Sur les remparts du Luxembourg, Pathé Revue, France, 1922, 2’00”

Der Mensch mit den modernen Nerven, Bady Minck, Luxembourg/Austria, 1988, 7’00”

Fragile, Dan Wiroth, Luxembourg, 1998, 8’00”

Mr. Arkadin: Rushes, Orson Welles, France/Spain/Switzerland, 1955, 3’20”

Mat Läif a Séil am Seminaire (excerpt), Abbé Jean Bernard, Luxembourg, 1931-1932, 1’12”

Il est un petit pays (excerpt), René Leclere, Luxembourg, 1937, 1’42”

Rosko’s Time, Ody Roos/Danielle Jaeggi, France, 1967, 17’00”


Sun, 6 May, 8 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Gloria

Filmoteca de Catalunya
7 May


The Filmoteca's collection includes early films, newsreels from the Spanish Civil War and almost all Catalan productions since the 1940s. This programme will present short films from the Barcelona School from the 1960s to the first years of democracy.



Circles, Ricardo Bofill Levi, Spain, 1966, 23’00”

BiBiCi Story, Carles Durán, Spain, 1969, 7’50”

Ice Cream, Antoni Padrós, Spain, 1970, 8’10”

Miserere, Benet Rossell/Antoni Miralda, Spain/France, 1979, 11’47”

La, Re, Mi, La / A, D, E, A, Carles Santos, Spain, 1979, 8’43”


Mo, 7 May, 6 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Gloria

Slovak Film Institute
6 May


Its film archive, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2018, will present a selection of Slovak shorts from the 1960s and 70s, the “Golden Era” of Slovak cinema. These works reveal experimental tendencies both on the visual and the musical level.

re-selected. Film history as print history

4 May

As analogue cinema comes to an end, the challenge is not just to digitally preserve films as „works“ or „texts“, but to relate film history to a history of the copies. “re-selected”, headed by Tobias Hering, is looking for a new systematics in the study of film history by considering films, which seemed endlessly reproducible in the analogue era, as originals. Individual works will be examined with regard to their artistic relevance, material transmission and influence.

This is the first event in a joint three-year project run by Oberhausen and Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art as part of “Archive außer sich” in cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, supported by the BKM within the framework of “Das Neue Alphabet”, based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.


Contact: Eva Hegge



re-selected 1


Nuit et brouillard, Alain Resnais, France, 1956, 32’00” (Text: Jean Cayrol) 

Nuit et brouillard (Nacht und Nebel), Alain Resnais, France, 1956, 32’00” (Text: Paul Celan)

Im Anschluss Gespräch mit Marie-Hélène Gutberlet


Fr, 4 May, 02.30 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Gloria



re-selected 2


Elégia, Huszárik Zoltán, Hungary, 1965, 19’00”

Rangierer, Jürgen Böttcher, GDR, 1984, 22’00”

Im Anschluss Gespräch mit Thomas Plenert


Fr, 4 May, 6 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Gloria

The programme in the past: Academy Film Archive, Los Angeles (2015); Austrian Film Museum, Wien (2015); BFI National Archive, London (2015); Center for Visual Music, USA (2016); Centre Georges Pompidou, France (2016); Cinemateca Portuguesa, Lisbon (2017); Cinémathèque Française, Paris (2013); Eye Film, Amsterdam (2014); Filmoteka Muzeum, Warschau (2014); Gosfilmofond, Moscow (2017); Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge (2014); National Film Center, Tokyo  (2015); Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia, Bologne (2017); Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley (2013); Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana (2013); Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm (2017); The Temenos Archive, Zürich (2014), Videokunstarkivet, Norway (2016)