1000 Thomas (Rolf Blumig)

Title 1000 Thomas (Rolf Blumig)
Director Mare Hakamushi, Rolf Blumig
Music Rolf Blumig
Country Germany
Year 2021
Color Colour
Genre Music video
Duration 00:04:00
Festival year 2022
Competitions German MuVi Award
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

The agit-pop songfilm “1000 Thomas” by Rolf Blumig came out just in time for the comeback of Thomas Gottschalk's show “Wetten Dass..?” A song that could suggest a certain annoyance or perhaps disgust at this talk show host supreme. The incomprehensible video accompanying the single takes us into Mare Hakamushi's digital world of glitches and montage. He turns Gottschalk, currently known best as a pushy know-it-all on Bild.TV, into a blonde, super-German monster mutant that is always breeding, the invincible and eternal final boss of old West Germany.

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