Concerto pour un exil

Concerto pour un exil
Title Concerto pour un exil
English title Concerto for an Exile
Director Désiré Ecaré
Country France
Year 1968
Color Schwarzweiß
Genre Fiction
Duration 00:30:30
Festival year 2022
Online rental No
On-Site rental No

Looking at the lives of a group of African students, this film uses appealing artistic means to depict the problems of a higher education system and ask questions about its social and fundamental effectiveness […] Désiré Ecaré succeeds in presenting this problem in such a way that viewers recognise how educational and social policies can no longer be separated from one another. (Jury statement for the Prize of the Culture Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Short Film Festival Oberhausen 1969)

Formats Language U/T Sound
35mm French English