copia de la copia (de la copia)

copia de la copia (de la copia)
Titlecopia de la copia (de la copia)
English titlecopia de la copia (de la copia)
DirectorRafal Morusiewicz
ColorSchwarzweiß und Farbe
Festival year2021
CompetitionsInternational Online Competition
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

Watching movies has always played a more important role in my life than just escapism. Growing up in a small town in stiflingly Catholic and toxically heteronormative Poland, I found a source of knowledge, political ambivalence and pleasure in watching films. Reaching into the past and telling a fragmented autobiographical story, it responds to the current socio-political situation in Poland, with ‘LGBT free zones’, violation of democracy, police brutality and state censorship.