Extrañas Criaturas

Title Extrañas Criaturas
English title Strange Creatures
Director Cristina Sitja, Cristóbal León
Country Chile
Year 2019
Color Colour, black-and-white
Genre Animation, Children’s and youth film
Duration 00:15:30
Festival year 2020
Competitions Children’s and Youth Film Competition, International Competition
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

On a summer day the animals in the forest are invited to a party. They eat lots of cake and dance all night. When the party is over and they head back to their homes, they encounter a desolate landscape: there are no more trees to find food and refuge. Strange Creatures have stolen their homes.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP Spanish English Stereo
BluRay Spanish English Stereo
DVD Spanish English Stereo
mp4 Spanish English Stereo