Kansanradio - Runonlaulajien maa

Kansanradio - Runonlaulajien maa
TitleKansanradio - Runonlaulajien maa
English titleA People's Radio – Ballads from a Wooded Country
DirectorVirpi Suutari
Festival year2021
CompetitionsInternational Competition
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

A People's Radio – Ballads from a Wooded Country is a carnivalesque portrayal of the Finnish landscape of the soul and abode. The short film is based on the iconic YLE programme People’s Radio, and its visual material was created by the road movie method of driving across summery Finland. The film paints a panorama of what Finland looks like today. Its narration progresses through humour into civic anarchy, and ultimately also towards the longing for human connection.