Title Pati
Director Sohrab Hura
Country India
Year 2010
Color Schwarzweiß
Duration 00:11:48
Festival year 2022
Online rental No
On-Site rental No

‘I still remember, a strong hot wind was blowing and the temperature was touching fifty degrees. A really young boy was trying to plough a piece of land with bullocks that were almost like skeletons. The land was all rock, and I couldn’t imagine anything growing there. But he had this urgency in him, as if, if he didn’t grow anything there that very day his family would starve. That was in 2005 when I went to Pati for the first time.’ In 2010, Hura returned to the region and made the eponymous black-and-white film Pati, in which he, as a narrator, leads the viewer through life in a small cluster of villages in Central India where he has been working for over fifteen years.