Phantasmagoria, 1945

Phantasmagoria, 1945
TitlePhantasmagoria, 1945
English titlePhantasmagoria, 1945
DirectorKarl Nussbaum
CountryGermany, USA
ColorSchwarzweiß und Farbe
GenreExperimental, Documentary
Festival year2021
CompetitionsInternational Competition
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

Phantasmagoria, 1945 is the story told by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels to his six young children while presenting an after-dinner slide show using a magic lantern and glass slides. It’s a children’s ghost story about propaganda and the media, a meditation on the past as a warning to the present. This film was part of a four-channel video installation presented at Schloss Rheydt – the actual castle that Goebbels was given by the town of Mönchengladbach in 1942. And this is the same town where the creator’s father was born and escaped from in 1939. The opening footage was shot at the actual castle.