The One (Sandra Hüller)

The One (Sandra Hüller)
TitleThe One (Sandra Hüller)
DirectorLeopold Emmen (Nanouk Leopold and Daan Emmen)
MusicDaniel Freitag, Sandra Hüller
GenreMusic video
Festival year2021
CompetitionsMuVi International Award
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

There is something strangely heroic about the way the character in this scene is trying to find their place and posture in the empty room. This feeling of bending the situation to your hand, taking back control, was a feeling that was also very present in the song. Being in a difficult spot doesn’t mean you have to surrender to the feelings that one might expect to accompany such a situation. If you allow yourself to be turned upside down you might find something beautiful in return.