Verwundene Fäden / Μπερδεμένες Κλωστές

Verwundene Fäden / Μπερδεμένες Κλωστές
TitleVerwundene Fäden / Μπερδεμένες Κλωστές
English titleRiven Threads
DirectorDeborah Jeromin
ColorSchwarzweiß und Farbe
GenreDocumentary, Experimental
Festival year2021
CompetitionsGerman Online Competition
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

Riven Threads follows the traces of parachutes – from National Socialist silk production in Germany to the Battle of Crete. Where planes rarely flew, 10,000 paratroopers jumped onto the island in May 1941. Cretan women recall their memories of the German terror during the occupation. They cut up the parachutes and recycled them as handkerchiefs.