Words, Planets

Words, Planets
Title Words, Planets
English title Words, Planets
Director Laida Lertxundi
Country USA
Year 2018
Color Farbe
Genre Experimental
Duration 00:10:50
Festival year 2022
Online rental No
On-Site rental No

This film applies the six principles for composition delineated in ‘Opinions on Painting by the Monk of the Green Pumpkin’, written by the eighteenth-century Chinese painter Shih-T’ao as referenced in Raúl Ruíz’s essay ‘For a Shamanic Cinema’ (for example, ‘draw attention to a scene emerging from a static background’ or ‘add scattered dynamism to immobility’). The film is composed of scenes with non-actors and texts by R.D. Laing and Lucy Lippard.