Award Winners of the 46th Children's and Youth Film Competition

69th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 26 April – 1 May 2023


Awards of the 46th International Children’s and Youth Film Competition


Awards of the Children’s Jury


Members of the Jury:

Mara Dörge, Maxim Kappes, Max Passmann, Nele Rebs, Isabell Wientgens



Prize of the Children’s Jury

worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen (WBO)



Santiago Ráfales

Spain 2022, 19'11", colour



Our winning film is about friendship and love. The boy and the girl are the same age as us. They play games that we would like to join. Sometimes we also feel like the two friends. We liked that it was made with real children, they did a great job acting.



Promotional Prize of the Children’s Jury

worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo)




Kasia K. Pierog

Poland 2022,12', colour



In our winning film, we were taken on a journey by two sisters. We liked that the big sister protects the little sister. The story reminds me a bit of my little brother, whom I always want to protect. The sisters fought but also made up again and stuck together. We think it was very beautifully drawn.



Special Mention


La Vérité sur Alvert le dernier dodo

(The Truth About Alvert, the Last Dodo)

Nathan Clement

Switzerland 2022, 16'29", colour



Our Special Mention goes to a film that is sad and funny at the same time. The boy tries to transform a chicken into a magic dodo. This is how he wants to make his sick mother well again. His grandpa helps him. It was funny to see the two of them throwing the shoes in the air and looking for the chicken.



Prize of the Youth Jury

worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by the Rotary Club Oberhausen


Members of the Jury:

Mariella Engelbrecht, Constanze Lamert, Artem Protsenko, Thea Riesmeier, Max Steyvers


A menos que bailemos

(Unless We Dance)

Hanz Rippe Gabriele, Fernanda Pineda Palencia

Colombia 2023, 14'34", colour



We feel that this film is very emotionally charged, especially the dance scenes and the listing of the deceased at the end of the film. Music and dance connect the protagonists and give them a perspective in an environment marked by violence. The film conveys closeness through its unembarrassed and honest portrayal and enables us to comprehend the various issues. The film is thought-provoking and it was easy for us to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes. The visual and sound design are also great.



Special Mention


Summer Nights

Virgile Ratelle

Canada 2023, 14'22", colour



Our Special Mention goes to a film that, for us, above all conveys a sense of freedom. It portrays the relationships of adolescents, documents them while skateboarding and shows their wishes for life. We really liked how it was realized, especially the authentic camera.



Prize of the Ecumenical Jury of the Children’s and Youth Film Competition

worth 1,500 euros


Members of the jury:

Anna Grebe (Germany), Suzana Kokalj (Slowenia), Maxime Pouyanne (France)


Le Jour de gloire

Romuald Rodrigues Andrade, Ludovic Aklil Piette

France 2022, 21'46", colour



20-year-old Kamel and his friends have a plan: They want to make their city a place worth living in for everybody. But they are faced with the harshness of an adult world where good ideas are not enough to succeed. When they are dismissed as unimportant, they do not lose hope and are determined to fight for a better tomorrow. Le Jour de gloire impressively depicts an obviously relevant issue for children and young people in times of multiple crises: How to participate in society while being marginalized due to their age, their social background, or their lack of political experience? We see how family can be both helpful and destructive at the same time for young people trying to establish themselves – and how solidarity overcomes personal needs. The well-executed script, the outstanding acting, and the ability of telling a universal yet complex story through a seemingly small event convinced the jury as much as young Kamel is convinced of community organizing as a means towards self-efficacy.



ECFA Short Film Award

(The award consists of a nomination for the ECFA Short Film Award 2024)


Members of the Jury:

Tessa van Grafhorst (Netherlands), Laura Laas (Estonia), Isotta Regazzoni (Switzerland)


Aaaah !

Osman Cerfon

France 2023, 4'41", colour



Our winner is a film that fearlessly and with a fresh approach uncovers the raw emotions that bind us all. This film left us in stitches with its clever and humorous take on uncomfortable moments we can all relate to. Less is more, the director brilliantly weaves different short stories together with a very unique style, using just two letters of the alphabet. The bold visuals capture the essence of the film and have lingered in our minds long after viewing.


Oberhausen, 1 May 2023


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