Canadian film collectives in Oberhausen

68th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 30 April – 9 May 2022


Workshops, Performances, Film Programmes: Oberhausen presents Canadian film collectives


In 2018, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen launched the Labs section to present analogue films from independent, collective film labs from across the world. This year, there will be a focus on Canada, including live performances from the context of Canadian artist collectives under the title Celluloid Expanded and a workshop of the legendary Film Farm in Oberhausen.



Celluloid Expanded presents five performances in two programmes, curated by Erin Weisgerber, and an artist talk. Performances are by Ian Campbell (Saskatchewan Filmpool), Karl Lemieux (Double Negative Collective), Alex MacKenzie (Iris Film Collective), Lindsay McIntyre (Experimental Media Outsiders), Heidi Phillips (Winnipeg Film Group) and John Price (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto). They represent diverse regions of Canada: the West Coast, the Prairies, Central Canada, and Quebec. They also represent two generations of Canadian labs: the film cooperatives that emerged in the 1970's and 1980's with the aid of annual government arts funding, and the millennial emergence of filmmakers sharing studios and pooling resources as collectives.


All of the performances in these programmes use the tools and materials of cinema beyond the ways they were designed to be used, experimenting with times, temperatures, chemicals and printing processes and the natural decay of time and weather. By providing direct, inexpensive, and regular access to the tools of production and exhibition, artist-run film labs allow filmmakers such as these to continuously explore their medium, propose open structures, and engage in performative approaches to film.


Celluloid Expanded Performances


the hollow mountain, Alex MacKenzie, Canada, 2022

Bleached Vistas / Double Wide, Heidi Phillips/Ian Campbell, Canada, 2022

Worth More Standing, Lindsay McIntyre, Canada, 2022

Friday, 6 May, 10 pm


Silver Metal Memories, John Price, Canada, 2022

Yujiapu, Karl Lemieux with BJ Nilsen, Canada, 2017-2022

Sunday, 8 May, 10 pm


Film Farm Workshop

There will also be a workshop of Film Farm in Oberhausen, for filmmakers who work or want to work with 16mm. With 16mm film as guide medium and using a process built with ecological materials such as wildflowers and seawater, it explores the technical and creative processes of working in an open context. The results of the workshop will be presented during the Festival.

Directed by: Philip Hoffman, Scott Miller Berry, Terra Jean Long, Rob Butterworth (Film Farm)

Monday, 9 May, 5.30 pm



The Canadian participation at the festival is part of the culture program related to Canada’s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada (represented by the Canadian Embassy, Berlin).


Celluloid Expanded, the Film Farm Workshop and the Labs section are also supported by Kunststiftung NRW.


Accreditation deadline: 22 April 2022



Oberhausen, 7 April 2022


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