MuVi Award with eleven clips

68th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 30 April – 9 May 2022


MuVi Award with eleven clips

All nominated clips online for voting from 5 April 2022


Voting for the MuVi Online Audience Awards begins now: From 5 April to 5 May 2022, the eleven music videos nominated for this year’s 24th MuVi Award will be online on The Audience Award is worth 500 euros. All clips will be screened in Oberhausen on 7 May during the 68th International Short Film Fetival Oberhausen, where an international jury will award their prizes and the Audience Award will be announced.


Among the candidates are clips for Hell x Meese, Jan Jelinek, Paul Frick & Daniel Brandt or School of Zuversicht. Their subjects are as varied as their visual languages, including cruises, German show host Thomas Gottschalk as a zombie, re-enactments of Beuys performances, family therapy or chaotic states of mind. They are visualized as computer animations, live film, as collages or found footage compilations and more.


All clips will be streamed on and the MuVi partner sites until 5 May, ready to be voted for. The MuVi Award will be announced on 7 May in Oberhausen.


In addition to the Audience Award, the nominated clips have the chance to win two prizes worth a total of 3,000 euros, chosen by an international jury. The members of the jury are Rachel Grace Almeida, journalist (Berlin), Raphael Smarzoch, music editor (Berlin) and Karan Talwar, filmmaker (Mumbai). All MuVi Awards have been donated by the SAE Institute.


The candidates for the 24th MuVi Award


1000 Thomas (Rolf Blumig), Mare Hakamushi, Rolf Blumig, 2021, 4’12’’, Germany

Das Chaos (Motong Huang), Motong Huang, 2021, 2’35’’, Germany

Disappoint Me (Chris Imler), Chris Imler, Alexander Gheorghiu, Markus S Fiedler, 2022, 3’43’’, Germany

Dr. No (Meese x Hell), Michael Ullrich, 2021, 3’21’’, Germany

Feel Like Change (Wolfgang Pérez), Kim Lêa Sakkal, 2021, 5’00’’, Germany

Flourish (Lotic), Julia Crescitelli, 2021, 3’15’’, Germany

LA Screen Memories (The Download Tunnels) (Jan Jelinek), Jan Jelinek, 2022, 9’34’’, Germany

Lovers of all kinds (Lovers of all kinds feat. Jaakko Eino Kalevi), Christine Gensheimer, 2022, 5’13’’, Germany

Neo Biedermeier (Paul Frick & Daniel Brandt), Daniel Brandt, 2022, 7’30‘‘, Germany, USA, Greece

Nur weil du mir deine Wunden zeigst, bist du noch lange nicht mein Heiland (School of Zuversicht), Katharina Duve, 2021, 4‘11‘‘, Germany

Wann hast du das letzte Mal Blumen betrachtet (Mariola Brillowska), Mariola Brillowska, 2022, 2‘03‘‘, Germany


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Oberhausen, 5 April 2022


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