The Awards of German Competitions and the NRW Competition

67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 1 – 10 May 2021


The Awards of German Competitions and the NRW Competition


Award ceremony: Monday, 10 May 2021, 7.30 pm CEST,



Awards of the German Competition



Members of the Jury:

Sarah Adam (Hamburg), Franz Müller (Berlin), Marcel Schwierin (Oldenburg)



Prize of the German Competition

worth 4,000 euros



Adrian Figueroa

Germany 2021, 30’, colour



A film about the ones at the bottom. The low-paid, the stressed, the overlooked. The outstanding camera follows them closely, often intimately; we feel the pressure, see the sweat and the fear. And yet the protagonists remain at a distance from the viewer. The film does not manufacture sentimental commonalities where there are none. A film about the loneliness of our time.



3sat Emerging Talent Prize

worth 2,500 euros

In addition the award includes a buying option on the awarded work to be broadcast on 3sat.


Genosse Tito, ich erbe

(Comrade Tito, I Inherit)

Olga Kosanović

Austria, Germany 2021, 27’, colour



A summer in the countryside, the interplay of daily chores in the house and garden and casual reflections about how best to stage the idyll. In front of and behind the camera, the filmmaker looks for answers to how we should deal with our political and material heritage. But neither the conversations with her family nor memories re-discovered on the Internet, nightly tales or the unanswered letters to her über-father help. A local inspection and an analysis of the present day.



Special Mention


Shine and Frustration

Shira Orion

Germany 2020, 4’ 10’’, colour/black-and-white



Excessive demands, letting go, experiencing everything at once and having to learn everything anew time and again; a relentless juxtaposition, no discernible patterns – life with its open ends as a cinematic principle.




worth 1,000 euros

for a female filmmaker in the International or German Competition




Zara Zandieh

Germany 2020, 17’36’’, colour



In the beginning was the work of a great futurist writer, which the filmmaker translates into a many-layered, poetic and pioneering film experience that resonates for a long time.




Awards of the German Online Competition



Members of the Jury:

Teboho Edkins (Berlin), Marit Hofmann (Hamburg), Gary Vanisian (Frankfurt/Main)



Prize of the German Online Competition

worth 2,500 euros


(Steve) Temple

Tanita Olbrich

Germany/USA 2020, 6’3’’, colour



Come along on a tour through a mysterious world, located somewhere between the 1980s and a utopian idea, between industrial chimneys and Jurassic Parks. Playful, honest and sensual, the director invites you into her admirably personal cosmos full of music and freedom.



Special Mention


Levantado do Chão

(Raised from the Ground)

Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn

Brazil/Germany 2020, 11’11’’, black-and-white



In a situation where we are all forced to become flâneurs, the beauty of this somnambulistic stroll, shot on analogue material, is comforting beyond time and constraints.






Awards of the 13th NRW Competition



Members of the Jury:

Birgit Hauska (Cologne), Hilde Hoffmann (Düsseldorf), Ulli Klinkertz (Bonn)



Prize of the NRW Competition

worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by the SAE Institute Cologne and Bochum



Christian Becker

Germany 2021, 21’10’’, colour/black-and-white



Do we succumb to the charm of the material or is it the multi-faceted story of a class, a life, or a relationship – parts of which even seem familiar? A story in which we find ourselves? In-between, the courage of the black screen. We experience a subtle cinematic sense of verbal and visual narrative. We learn about the value of fulfilling work in human life – that, too, seems familiar. Time and again, the outside invades the private sphere: documentary television images of the war in Yugoslavia and burning buildings – we almost forgot how long ago right-wing violence resurfaced in the German Republic. In the beginning we hear the pulse of life, followed by fast and hard cuts of portraits of a man and woman in 1970s aesthetics. The couple grows older and we take part in their leftist liberal bourgeois life, but also in processes of change, interspersed with red light, radiation therapy and introspections, self-questioning caused by a serious illness. A narrative film about life is distinguished here, a touchingly revealing portrait, drawn so intimately, so excitingly, as an existential story that happens at all times and that in the end leaves many questions open for us, the audience, and thus continues in our minds.



Promotional Prize of the NRW Competition

worth 500 euros, sponsored by the SAE Institute Cologne and Bochum


Trübes Wasser

(Troubled Water)

Elena Wiener

Germany 2020, 9’54’’, colour/black-and-white



The protagonist of this film suffers – her suffering is individual and personal. But it would also be visible to others, this suffering, and she therefore avoids the public. It forces her into quarantine (quarantine – the very mention of this word shows that the film describes current conditions and evokes very contemporary associations). In this quarantine, this isolation, her suffering spreads from the outside to the inside – and becomes terrible fear – and fear, as we all know, can literally eat you up. We, the audience, literally feel the pain. The award-winning film is – an animation. An animation in which simple lines are wrapped in a meaningful colour dramaturgy. An animation into which motivic live film snippets are mixed. An animation which, in combination with an atmospheric sound and music concept, creates psychological thrills and emotionality. An animation that is convincing both in terms of narrative and dramaturgy and in terms of formal aesthetics.



Special Mention


Hoch Sitzen

(Highly Perched)

Oliver Gather

Germany 2021, 24’37’’, colour/black-and-white



We want to give a Special Mention to a film that operates at the intersection between research and documentation. Right at the beginning, the starting point and perspective of this observation is revealed. We then gradually experience a whole cultural cosmos in strict order: traditions, gender roles, songs. We learn of a special language, that objectifies, legitimizes and exaggerates. And we come to understand the point of view involved. This film is about nothing less than the act of killing. About the decisions of life and death when hunting – completely without need. The starting and ending point of this illuminating dense description is a sculpture: two raised hides facing each other.



Prize of the WDR Westart Audience Jury

worth 750 euros, sponsored by WDR Westart


Members of the Jury:

Benjamin Biersky, Axel Bund, Vanessa Demba, Sabine Gumbert, Wolfdieter Kemper, Kai Maiweg, Susanne Neumann, Anke Theyhsen-Kunert, Wilhelm Wolf



Bis zum letzten Tropfen

(To the Last Drop)

Simon Schnellmann

Germany 2020, 5’46’’, black-and-white



A blackly humorous look at the bitter struggle against a deadly disease. It’s about life and death, about brokenness. It’s about weakness, strength, courage and coping with setbacks. And: it’s about hope. Black-and-white lines, no words. An urgent subject, lightly packaged. We find the way the filmmaker tells of existential things like cancer, chemotherapy and the fight for survival with wit and intensity absolutely worthy of an award.

You can download a list of all award winners of the 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen here.


Oberhausen, 10 May 2021


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