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The Kurzfilmtage Channel: From Weibersbrunn to Singapore

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In 2020, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen reacted to the first transfer of the festival to the online world in the form of a video blog, now the project is being continued as the Kurzfilmtage Channel. With new conversations and films every day, the German- and English-language channel, which will continue to publish after the end of the 67th Festival, is at once a prelude to, a framework for and an extension of the online festival.


Sebastian Lütgert and Lars Henrik Gass on Pirate Cinema as an alternative model, RP Kahl and Rüdiger Suchsland on Hamlet in the declining GDR and good film education, Niklas Maak (FAZ) and Lars Henrik Gass on the potential of empty spaces and changed leisure behaviour. Curator Sidd Perez's series of talks "South to South" with scholars and artists in Singapore who explore regionality in Southeast Asia. Curator Marina Fokidis and producer Zacharias Kunut (Igloolik Isuma Productions) on "The Wonders of Collectivity", Lars Henrik Gass and Lena Bopp (FAZ) on Beirut after the catastrophe, these are examples of the range of topics adressed in the Kurzfilmtage Channel.


In addition, the international series "Labs Radio" by Vassily Bourikas opens a forum for analogue film, which depends on physical cinema for its presentation, with talks and film examples. Film series such as the very successful mini retrospective of Dieter Wieland's films, accompanied by a conversation between Wieland and Lars Henrik Gass, or treasures from the festival's history in the series "Legendary Shorts" complete the programme.


What’s next

Further talks are planned, among others with Jan Bonny, Tacita Dean, Dominik Graf, Sandro Koberidse, Anita Roch da Silveira, Heide Schlüpmann, Lilith Stangenberg or Cord Richelmann. On 23 April, the three-day presentation of films by New Zealand artist Darcy Lange will start in the “Portraits” section, accompanied by a discussion between curator Simon Lässig and Mercedes Vicente (Royal College of Art). From 20 May, South African curator Joan Legalamitlwa will present six video artists from the African continent under the title "The Intervention".



Marina Fokidis, Lars Henrik Gass, Dana Linssen, Sidd Perez, Mike Sperlinger and Rüdiger Suchsland.


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Oberhausen, 16 April 2021


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