The Profiles of the 67th Festival

67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 1-10 May 2021


The Profiles of the 67th Festival

Four extraordinary filmmakers and artists from Belgium/Congo, the US, the Czech Republic and Finland


The 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen is presenting the works of four filmmakers and artists from four different countries, some of them for the first time in this form, in its Profile section. All of them work on the boundaries, between music and film or between art, installation and short film. The Profiles section is traditionally dedicated to outstanding filmmakers and artists who work with the short format in all its facets. All programmes will be introduced by the artists or curators.


Baloji, Belgium/Congo

In 2019, Baloji's ZOMBIES was one of the discoveries in Oberhausen: a visually extravagant dance video that switched effortlessly between glamour, street party and rubbish dump and was awarded the Principal Prize of the International Jury. Better known as a rapper and DJ, Baloji has since created a small but impressive body of short film, which Oberhausen is presenting in the first ever showcase of his work. Located somewhere between short film and music video, they range from a parody of entertainment television in African dictatorships to a declaration of love for beauty.


Melika Bass, USA

Her film Creature Companion won a Special Mention of the International Jury in 2018, now Oberhausen is presenting a selection of works by the multiple award-winning American director and installation artist Melika Bass, a USA Artist nominee in Film for 2021, among others. The selection comprises films from 2008 to 2018. Bass’ works are metaphorical narratives, often carried by silent, repetitive movements, taking a close look at ritualized movements of the human body and often set in the Midwest.


Marie Lukáčová, Czech Republic

The works of Czech video artist Marie Lukáčová, co-founder of the feminist group “The Fourth Wave”, are activist and feminist, but at the same time always permeable to utopias, legends and phantasies, interspersed with surreal elements that expose the flaws in the (social) system. In 2020 she won a Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury for Milenina píseň, her new work Pole Žin was selected for our2021 International Online Competition. After numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Greece Oberhausen is now presenting, for the first time at a film festival, a selection of her works.


Sally Tykkä, Finland

The Finnish photographer and video artist Salla Tykkä first gained international attention with a trilogy in which she transformed male movie genres into female stories of awakening. Lasso (2000), in which she dissects the Western genre, was selected for the 2002 International Competition in Oberhausen. Tykkä looks back on numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the 2001 Venice Biennale. Oberhausen has frequently shown her works since then and is now presenting an overview of the works of an artist who expands autobiographical references in her works into analyses of the relationships between male and female characters, between sexuality and emotion.


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