Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Award winners of the 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 11 – 16 May 2017

Awards of the International Competition


Prizes awarded by the International Jury


Members of the International Jury:

Ekaterina Degot (Germany), Kathrin Rhomberg (Austria), Jaan Toomik (Estonia), Chi-hui Yang (USA)



Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen

8,000 Euros



(Late Summer)

Cui Yi

China 2017, 13 Min., colour



We give the Grand Prize to a very simple, but impressively rich film – a cinematic tableau vivant that reveals cycles of performance, consumption and spectatorship in everyday life implicated and constrained by history.



Principal Prize

4,000 Euros


500,000 Pee

(500,000 Years)

Chai Siris

Thailand 2016, 16 Min. 17 Sec., colour



We give the Principal Prize to a beautifully meditative and deeply political film that explores how memory is constructed through human history, spirituality, monuments, cinema and violence.



e-flux Prize

3,000 Euros

For an exceptional film and video work which reshapes the poetic and electric potential of moving images in the age of planetary circulation of information.


Animal Year

Zhong Su

China 2016, 7 Min 3 Sec., colour



We give the e-flux Prize to an urgent film that burrows under one’s skin through its profoundly disturbing and masterfully designed images. It is a visionary, animated portrait of dystopian future of humanity where two strikingly different worlds collide.



Special Mentions


Tower XYZ

Ayo Akingbade

Great Britain 2016, 3 Min 1 Sec., colour



We give a Special Mention to a fresh, energizing perspective on the realities and resistance found in rapidly gentrifying cities.



Amber Bemak/Nadia Granados

Mexico 2016, 14 Min., colour



We give a Special Mention to a strong, feminist statement that uses provocative performances to reveal how the politics of the border is also the politics of the body.




Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia


Members of the Jury:

Christine Anna Bernau (Cologne), Isabella Fürnkäs (Düsseldorf/Berlin), Rainer Komers (Mülheim a.d. Ruhr), Harry Rag (Peter Braatz, Ljubljana), Ulrike Sprenger (Constance)



1st Prize

5,000 Euros


Oni samo dolaze i odlaze

(They Just Come and Go)

Boris Pojak

Croatia 2016, 20 Min., colour



A product of chance: a human being is born, cries and dances, fights and loves and spends his or her whole life yearning for water, air and light. In pure documentary form, without text, this film shows young party spirits and old people sharing the same place – a beach in Split, Croatia. Exquisite documentary shots coalesce into a round dance of fervor, desire, loss, maturity, struggle and devotion, stillness and movement. The young are unaware of it, the old are aware or vice versa, it doesn’t really matter in these ludicrous observations. Those secret looks are truly human, naughty, loving and full of truth. With strong contrasts and precise and brilliant images the film captures the happy futility of life among different generations. Life will go on living, from beginning to end. In the sea, the water, under the sun, in this film.



2nd Prize

3,000 Euros


Terrenal (En oposición al cielo)

Earthly (Opposite from Heaven)

Ivan Jose Murgic Capriotti/Sofia Lena Monardo

Argentina 2016, 19 Min. 23 Sec., colour



A journey through a wintery landscape bled of colours: a village awakens, people chop wood, a rickety car stops to pick up a dog, bicycles driving through puddles, children playing football. Suddenly: a mural that reads “Tierra para todos”, soldiers carrying guns, barracks.

The melancholy face of a woman serves as a guide through this almost wordless documentary – we see her doing her daily chores at home, in church and watching a military parade at the stadium – a face you don’t forget, framed by a mythic mountain world and the snow-covered volcano Lanín. Terrenal is a poetic film that relies on the power of its photographic imagery, with every shot asking the question haunting the continent until today: who owned the land once and who took it by force?



Special Mentions


Animal Year

Zhong Su

China 2016, 7 Min 3 Sec., colour



End of days and new beginning: this impressive animation shows a post-apocalyptic looking world in which animal creatures trudge through a wrecked civilisation that mutates into a fairground, while the refugees are bombed by flying rocket babies – a fantastic vision. The film opens up an intellectual space between flight, displacement and redemption, offering a contemporary philosophy of the right to exist. Apocalypse and hope clash in extreme detail – hedonism and downfall hand in hand, one step from the abyss.


Nyo Vweta Nafta

Ico Costa

Portugal/Mozambique 2017, 20 Min., colour



A man’s search for a young woman on a Mozambique market proves futile. What he finds are the young men of the city who want to have money and women, flirt via smartphone, dream of brand names and singing careers or want to market African fruit as super food in Europe. In seemingly absurd dialogues the film gives voice to a young generation who play a witty and confident game with African and Western notions of happiness, reversing the colonial perspective in the process.




The International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI Prize)


Members of the Jury:

Marcin Adamczak (Poland), Andy Aguirre Eglin (Switzerland/Bolivia), Vica Smirnova (Russia)


Zheng Pian Zhi Wai

(Off Takes)

Hao Jingban

China 2016, 21 Min. 18 Sec., colour



For an incredibly self-reflective and at the same time sensitive film. For a brilliant meditation on historical and contemporary images which are always an inaccessible enigma for the viewer, even a competent one.



Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

1,500 Euros


Members of the Jury:

Tom Alesch (Luxembourg), Alexander Bothe (Germany), Roland Kauffmann (France), Simone Liedtke (Germany)



Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann

Kenya 2016, 4 Min., colour and b/w



Water gives and receives, surrounds and releases, reflecting life and love, memory and the future – the primal principle. The turtle carries its eggs from the sea to the land and withdraws back into the sea. The eggs are there together and yet each is alone. “Each egg a globe, each globe a world, each world a universe.” We live together, says the father. We live in each other, says the mother. This wonderful work talks about the small things that are the seed and primary force of the whole, about the love of father and mother. This artistic treasure is poetic, gentle and metaphorical, a poem of words about child and mother, a poem of images about the sea, land and sand. Its dialogues of voices with each other and words with images are outstanding; the photos make the audience pause and feel the stillness of the primary principle, the film sequences surround their own movement in the school of fish and the closeness of the family. This world is so much more than matter, love is so much more than the number of days shared with each other. Creation is the unity of life.



Special Mention


The Separate System

Katie Davies

Great Britain 2017, 23 Min. 11 Sec., colour



Doing one’s duty, running errands, the system of military service, everyday and office life and family must be managed. Soldiers take responsibility for others; when their relationships fail, however, they are left alone: the detained former soldiers are sentenced and locked away. They know for what but not why. Because their punishment therefore stands for society’s flight into perplexity, the latter severs all ties with the people in question. This film gives a voice to these soldiers, talks about its impressive subject in rough recordings and harmonious, precisely filmed images. The hand-written notes that serve as breaks condense the detainees’ misery, work with the visual level to make their appeals of rage and loss directly to us, the community.

That meaning has become empty becomes emblematic at the end of this powerful and relevant work. Liverpool FC, their club, emerges as the great unifier of this community – but its familiar hymn, “You’ll never walk alone” which is thus implied reinforces the ambiguity of the former soldiers’ situation. Their lives are embedded in a close and separate system of society. The space of guilt widens, addressing issues of violence and society and what constitutes humanity by motive and identity.





1,000 Euros

to a female filmmaker in the International or German Competition


pretty boyz don't die

Jovana Reisinger

Germany 2016, 19 Min. 13 Sec., colour



A group of outsiders trying to survive in the city, a female filmmaker in German cinema. The Zonta Prize goes to a film that experiments with new narrative structures and serial formats.








Awards of the German Competition


Members of the Jury of the German Competition:

Regina Barunke (Cologne), Dunja Bialas (Munich), Frieder Schlaich (Berlin)



Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition

5,000 Euros


Die Herberge

Ulu Braun

Germany 2017, 14 Min. 45 Sec., colour



A virtual travelling shot that makes full use of the potential of the new media world. Real shots of people and objects are transplanted into a digitally generated post-apocalyptic panorama in which they become protagonists and objets trouvés of a surreal chain of actions. This video collage combines pop culture and western movie myths with biblical narratives, biker culture and the waste products of civilisation with cultural set pieces to subtly create an intriguing and mesmerising narrative critique of civilization that resonates for a long time.



3sat Promotional Award

2,500 Euros

For a contribution with a particularly innovative approach.

In addition the award includes a buying option on the awarded work to be broadcast on 3sat.


El Manguito

Laurentia Genske

Germany 2017, 18 Min. 56 Sec., colour and b/w



The director befriends the inhabitants of a remote Cuban village with the aid of drawings, photos and often silent or quiet moving images. Slowly but purposefully she brings us closer to a family and their worries and fears as she unfolds the story of the village and the whole country through them. With El Manguito, Laurentia Genske and her cinematographer Simon Rittmeier open our eyes to an unknown world – their unobtrusive empathy with the people and the classical narrative form are documentary film at its best.



Special Mentions


la boxe

Tim Nowitzki

Germany 2016, 28 Min. 20 Sec., colour



Clear the ring for a great documentary portrait: in Tim Nowitzki’s rigorously narrated and visually impressive short film the boxing ring is a place where violence is both unleashed and contained.


my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit

Germany 2017, 14 Min. 47 Sec., colour



Based on the debate surrounding the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, the film addresses the question of how meaningful historicisation in urban planning is. The result is a surreal and at the same time haunting tableau.








Awards of the NRW Competition


Members of the Jury:

Florian Deterding (Düsseldorf), Sylke Gottlebe (Dresden), Andreas Heidenreich (Darmstadt)



Prize for the best contribution to the NRW Competition

1,000 Euros

sponsored by NRW.Bank


Der Wechsel

(The Exchange)

Markus Mischkowski, Kai Maria Steinkühler

Germany 2016, 6 Min., b/w



A tribute to the early days of cinema. Extremely charming, warm-hearted and produced in the tradition of the Cologne Group, the film doesn’t succumb to nostalgia but references current political events instead. Fast-paced, funny, exuberantly playful, full of spot-on filmic quotes and captured on a historical hand-cranked 35mm camera, everything comes together in a flawless filmic jewel that glows with passion for the cinema.



Promotional Award of the NRW Competition

500 Euros

sponsored by NRW.Bank



Moïra Himmelsbach

Germany 2017, 28 Min. 2 Sec., colour



Four snapshots, loosely connected, expose rifts and cracks in our daily co-existence. Precisely observed and supported by an outstanding cast, Moïra Himmelsbach brilliantly succeeds in making us conscious of unconscious processes.



Special Mention



Eszter Jánka

Germany 2016, 4 Min. 54 Sec., colour



Eszter Jánka enchants us with images that are as spare and abstract as they are poetic, while developing considerable emotional drawing power. It’s sensual, fascinating and calls forth complex associations.




Prize of the Westart Audience Jury

750 Euros, sponsored by Westart


Vögel auf Stromleitungen – Version B

Dean Ruddock

Germany 2017, 4 Min. 11 Sec., b/w



A massive maelstrom of images in black and white. Video clip-like scenes are edited in a poetry slam collage to become poetry on film. Artistic and entertaining, the film talks of the diversity and beauty of life, but also of the difficulties of finding a personal direction in life. A film from North Rhine-Westphalia that uses the images and language of our region: visual poetry that touches us – and made us a little dizzy.








Awards of the 40th Children's and Youth Film Competition



Prize of the Children's Jury

1,000 Euros, sponsored by Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen


Members of the Jury:

Anna Biell, Lennart Even, Ben Luke Kisters, Fiona Koch, Ayman Nezlioui


Scrap Dolls

Aude Cuenod

USA 2016, 13 Min. 25 Sec., colour



We give our prize to a film that was exciting but above all simply very beautiful. It’s about friendship, loss and reconciliation. A boy has lost his girlfriend. Though the girl’s death is sad it’s good that she is remembered. Not everybody is inspired to make something new out of scrap metal. Perhaps one can use memories like this, too: after all, you don’t want to forget people, just not stay sad forever.



evo Promotional Award of the Children's Jury

1,000 Euros, sponsored by Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo)


Dobro unovčeno popoldne

(A Well Spent Afternoon)

Martin Turk

Slovenia/Croatia 2016, 7 Min. 30 Sec., colour



The father may be unemployed but he still bought his son some ice cream. The film shows how to behave properly. Even though father and son could really use the money, they take the wallet they found back to its owner. After all, some things are more important.



Special Mention


Mrs McCutcheon

John Sheedy

Australia 2017, 16 Min., colour



The boys at his new school laugh at him – just like at his old school. He goes to school in a dress. Tom was born in the wrong body. He doesn’t want to be called Tom! He is brave because he doesn’t care if the others mock him. A film which shows that everyone can be the way they are. We liked the colourful design most of all.




Prize of the Youth Jury

1,000 Euros, sponsored by the Rotary Club Oberhausen


Members of the Jury:

Lübeyne Eren, Daniel Danso, Angelina Sahiti, Celine Timmerberg, Karolina Treder


U Plavetnilo

(Into the Blue)

Antoneta Kusijanović

Slovenia/Croatia 2017, 22 Min., colour



The prize of the International Youth Film Competition goes to a film we found thoroughly convincing: camera, acting, sound. It addresses many subjects that are important to young people today: friendship and jealousy, fear and change, family and domestic violence. It made us curious and shows how complex our relationships with other people are. In addition to that, the actors and the landscapes are captivatingly beautiful!



 Special Mentions


Scent of Geranium

Naghmeh Farzaneh

USA 2016, 4 Min. 41 Sec., colour



It was definitely hard for us to decide on a winner. We almost got into a real quarrel. This is why we want to give special mentions to two films in the Youth Film Competition. An exceptional animation which tells us a lot about Tehran, New York, roots and arriving somewhere in less than five minutes. This short film tells a very personal story and is sure to touch many people.



Claire Randall

Australia 2016, 15 Min. 55 Sec., colour and b/w



Our second special mention goes to a film that addresses a subject we find very important. It gives us hope, but it doesn’t need a happy ending.




Certificate of the Ecumenical Jury for a film in the International Children's and Youth Film Competition

in connection with a recommendation for Matthias Film and Katholisches Filmwerk to buy the film for their catalogues


Gos leat don?

(Where Are You?)

Egil Pedersen

Norway 2017, 8 Min. 15 Sec., colour



Gos leat don? finds its reality without many words by combining images and music and moving between short film and music video. Its impressive sound design doesn’t anticipate, it interacts, propelling the images and the story forward or following them in order to go beyond reality. The aesthetics and “punch” of this short film music video raise issues beyond its age group and stand out both in the Youth Film and the International Competition. It’s an appeal to be radical enough to create a better soil for roots: out of what is conserved in the ancient cultures in which the film originates, like the Sami, and of what lies beyond our self-imposed limits of accessibility – only to return to the spiritual on this side of the aesthetic-mystical world.




Prize of the Guest Jury of the International Children’s Film Festival Filem’on, Brussels


Members of the Jury:

Sarah Ernst, Pascal Freyer, Elena Kowalski, Rosina Schwab, Clara Winter


Scrap Dolls

Aude Cuenod

USA 2016, 13 Min. 25 Sec., colour






Oberhausen, 16 May 2017


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