Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

MuVi Online 2019

Eleven clips for the 21st MuVi Award

Online voting from 2 April to 2 May


The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has selected eleven clips from 273 submissions as candidates for the 21st MuVi Award for the best German Music Video. The prize is awarded for the best visual realization of a piece of music, and so the spectrum ranges from Dietrich Brüggemann's head over heels experiment "Schuld" for Theodor Shitstorm via the Jan Lenica-inspired clip "Stories / Cairo Wonk / Ballache Mansions" by Konrad Hirsch to the music of Glyn Bigga Bush or the ironic fantasy of power (and parody on Beyoncé's Louvre clip) "Nützliche Katastrophen" by Schorsch Kamerun, Mense Reents and Timo Schierhorn to the playful animation "Musterhaus" by Christine Gensheimer for Sean Armstrong.


An international jury, this year consisting of Eric D. Clark (USA/France), Jan Ehlen (Germany) and Liz Pelly (USA), will select the winners of the 21st MuVi Award on Saturday, 4 May 2019 and award prizes worth a total of 3,000 euros. A further 500 euros will go to the winner of the MuVi Online Audience Award.


All eleven clips for the Audience Award will be available for viewing and voting online at from April 2 to May 2. The prize will also be awarded on Saturday, May 4, during the 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, when all clips will be shown on the big screen. From 2 April to 2 May they will be available at and on the Facebook page of the Short Film Festival. This year's MuVi partners: 3sat, coolibri, Goethe-Institut, kultur.west, netpoint media, Spex online.


The MuVi Candidates 2019


Blitze (Donna Regina), Céline Keller, D 2019

Grand Hotel Establishment (Julia Mihály), Ela Mergels, D 2018

Lost in Translation (Bas Grossfeldt), Svenja Voß, D 2019

Musterhaus (Sean Armstrong), Christine Gensheimer, D 2018

Nation Of Defects (SEWICIDE), Klaus Erika Dietl/Stephanie Müller, D 2019

Nützliche Katastrophen (Die Goldenen Zitronen), Schorsch Kamerun/Mense Reents/Timo Schierhorn, D 2018

Schuld (Theodor Shitstorm), Dietrich Brüggemann, D 2019

Sollten Behinderte Bioeier kaufen? (Duoni Liu), Nikolas Müller, D 2018

Stories / Cairo Wonk / Ballache Mansions (Glyn Bigga Bush), Konrad Hirsch, D 2018

Subdivision (Jason Forest), Markus S Fiedler, D 2018

Trying to forget you (Aérea Negrot), Simon*e Paetau/Aérea Negrot, D 2019


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