Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

The 2018 MuVi winners


The Winners of the 20th MuVi Award


Award ceremony:

Saturday, 5 May 2018, 10 pm, Lichtburg Filmpalast, Oberhausen


The jury:

DJ Hell, musician and producer, Germany

Marisa Olson, artist and writer, USA

Simon Reynolds, author, UK



1st Prize

2,000 Euros


Oliver Pietsch for Limerence (Yves Tumor)

Germany 2018, 5’32”



For us there were two clear winners in this varied and striking short list of music videos, a selection that was a pleasure to watch, think about and discuss together. Oliver Pietsch’s video for Yves Tumor’s Limerence received the maximum number of points from all three jurors. The concept immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and the immaculate execution holds it, at once rapturing and troubling the eye. The supercut of found cinematic or video material is not a new genre - watching Limerence, some will think of Christian Marclay’s The Clock for instance– but the triptych structure and the choice of material here makes the work fresh and original. Shower scenes in movies take us to cinema’s heart of strangeness – like the sex scene, there is a performance of intimacy, private moments shown that in normal life are screened off from general view. We delectate over the bodies of stars those familiar strangers. ‘Limerence’ is an obscure term for a state of infatuation that involves obsessive thoughts and fantasies – as a system the movies are in the business (literally) of inciting limerence in the public, and the same could be said about mainstream pop music  With some of the scenes used here either the prequel to violence against women – as with Psycho – or suggestive of the aftermath of  female-trauma, there is a subtle feminist subtext to the work that resonates with the present moment, But there are other elements to the montage that are idyllic or amusing or simply mysterious. The oversaturation of these images of vulnerability and exposure, raining down on our gaze like the drops of water from a showerhead, creates an effect that eerily blends the erotic, the disturbing, the touching and the invasive. Although the video could stand on its own as a provocative artwork, the gorgeousness of the image-flow complements Yves Tumor’s track perfectly.



2nd Prize

1,000 Euros


Ulrike Göken/Jo Zimmermann for Damenbartblick (Schlammpeitziger)

Germany 2017, 4’50”



Damenbartblick, by Jo Zimmerman and Ulrike Göken, in collaboration with Kota Utka, stood out for its subtle play between stillness and motion. We loved its poetic and romantic feel, the tenderness and delicacy of the images with their use of organic materials, and appreciated the visual puns, the wit and playfulness of the juxtapositions. We also found the “meet cute” story behind the collaboration to be both charming and to speak to the possibilities opened up by the Internet for artistic encounters across distances and national borders.




MuVi Online Audience Award

chosen by online vote

500 Euros


Jakob Grunert for Copyshop (Romano)

Germany 2018, 10’42”


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Oberhausen, 6 May 2018


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