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12 Sokurov films in distribution

12 Films by Alexander Sokurov Now Distributed by Oberhausen


Twelve works by Alexander Sokurov are now available for non-commercial distribution in the Oberhausen catalogue, which makes Sokurov's previously almost inaccessible short films much easier to rent. Eleven of the works are DCP copies produced especially for the 2019 Festival; his key work Sovetskaja elegija (Soviet Elegy) will be distributed as a 35mm copy. Oberhausen now has most of the films in the catalogue that were shown in the highly acclaimed Alexander Sokurov Profile programme at the Festival in May, which offered an unprecedented and comprehensive insight into Sokurov's early work.


This was also made possible by the close ties between Oberhausen and Sokurov, who won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen in 1990 with Sovetskaja elegija and was awarded further important prizes there during the 1990s. In view of the difficult rights and print situation of his work, only the artist's support and extensive research made this retrospective and now this distribution offer possible.


All new DCPs are available in the original Russian version with English subtitles. The Festival supplies the copies without performance rights and provides up-to-date contact information for the respective rights holders. The films were first distributed at the Norwegian Kortfilmfestivalen in Grimstad in June 2019.


High resolution stills from selected films can be downloaded here.


Information and contact:

Carsten Spicher,, phone +49 (0)208 825-2319


The films

Ampir (Empire), 32 min, 1987/2019, engl. ST

Duhovnye golosa (Spiritual Voices), 327 min, 1995/2019, engl. ST

Elegija iz Rossii (Elegy from Russia), 68 min, 1992/2019, engl. ST

Primer intonacii (An Example of Intonation), 48 min, 1991/2019, engl. ST

Prostaja elegija (A Simple Elegy), 20 min, 1990/2019, no text

Razžalovannyi (The Degraded), 31 min, 1980/2019, engl. ST

Robert. Sčastlivaja žizn‘ (Robert. A Fortunate Life), 26 min, 1996/2019, engl. ST

Soldatskij son (The Sleep of a Soldier), 12 min, 1995/2019, no text

Sonata dlja Gitlera (Sonata for Hitler), 11 min, 1977-88/2019, no text

Sovetskaja elegija (Soviet Elegy), 1989, 37 min, dt. ST

Terpenie trud (Patience Labour), 10 min, 1985-87/2019, engl. ST

Vostočnaja elegija (Oriental Elegy), 45 min, 1996/2019, engl. ST


Oberhausen, 24 July 2019


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