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Short films are more suitable for educational work than almost any other genre. They offer starting points for the most diverse topics, for political education as well as for language teaching and not least for film analysis and the development of media competence. This is why Oberhausen has been organising annual conferences for educators in cooperation with various partner insitutions for more than 25 years. Through cooperation with institutions such as Matthias-Film and Katholisches Filmwerk, our Festival is also involved in the distribution of children's short films.

Continuing education for religious education

Organised in cooperation with the secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference: Church and Society of the Protestant Church in the Rhineland and Westphalia, this workshop is aimed at religion teachers in particular. Outstanding contributions from the current Children's and Youth Film Competition are viewed together, analysed and discussed with regard to their use in religious education. Every year, Matthias Film and the Katholisches Filmwerk purchase films for educational work under the title "Edition Kurzfilmtage".

Symposium LOOK

The LOOK conference took place from 2017 to 2019 in cooperation with the Centre for Cultural Education in Schools and Youth Work NRW. Every year it drew from the wide variety of short films shown at the Short Film Festival and was aimed at teachers, students, child and youth workers, social workers and multipliers. Each issue was dedicated to a specific topic. The event provided participants with skills in dealing with short films and concrete access to selected productions and offered suggestions for everyday educational work.

LOOK 2019: Short-Film-Worlds for children between 3 and 10 years old. (German Flyer)

LOOK 2018: Open for the other. Artistic short films and the recognition of diversityt. (German Flyer)

LOOK 2017: What can short film do in school and youth work? (German Flyer)



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Franziska Ferdinand


The declared aim of the Festival is to introduce children creatively to topics and to give them a new perspective on their world. For this reason, since its foundation in 1978, the Children’s and Youth cinema has been expanded through media-pedagogical activities, which have become increasingly important in recent years. In various projects, workshops, special programmes and in cooperation with schools in Oberhausen and the city's youth parliament, Oberhausen cultivates direct dialogue with children and young people and promotes an open and productive exchange.

School Screenings in all Age Groups

The programmes of the Children’s and Youth Film Competition will be shown during the festival on weekdays in morning events especially for schools. The programmes are carefully tailored, both in terms of content and form, to seven age groups from three to sixteen years old. All programmes are presented by pupils from Oberhausen in a manner appropriate to their age. Filmmakers from all over the world are present during the screenings and answer the questions of the young audience. School classes can register for the screenings from mid-April. We are also happy to provide suggestions on how the films shown can be integrated into lessons. Please contact us!

Partner School Project

Since 2009, the annually changing partner schools have been actively involved in shaping the programmes of the Children's and Youth Cinema. A secondary school and a primary school from Oberhausen nominate groups of schoolchildren who gain insight into the festival through various tasks.

Two juries of five schoolkids each evaluate the films of the Children's and Youth Film Competition and award the prizes. In a joint project week, pupils from both schools develop the trailer for the Children's and Youth Cinema and produce it together with filmmakers from Oberhausen. And last but not least, after intensive preparation, a group from the secondary school act as moderators of the programmes in the Children's and Youth Film Competition. This also includes moderating the discussions with the international filmmakers present.

The partner schools of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2021 are Königschule and Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium. If you are interested in working with us as a partner school, please contact us.

Kindergarten programme

Short films are a wonderful way for the very youngest to get to know the cinema as a place and film as a medium. For more than ten years now, our Festival has been inviting newcomers to the cinema to take part in a film and interactive programme. Age-appropriate short films of various genres are embedded in an accompanying programme of moderation, questions, movement and games. The programme is open to kindergartens as well as private individuals with children aged 3 and older. The visit is free of charge. Please contact us!

Subtitling Workshop

Subtitles by children for children
Our Festival offers pupils a practical insight into translation work for people with hearing impairments. More information under inclusion.


Franziska Ferdinand