Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

Introduced in 2006, the discussion series at Oberhausen has made a name for itself as the prime forum on the short form, where prominent and knowledgeable participants delve into the current issues shaping the scene.


From Ed Atkins and Catherine David to Jonathan Rosenbaum and Ulay and Akram Zaatari, this is where artists, curators and authors convene to discuss aesthetic, technological, economic and cultural-policy issues affecting short film.



In 2014 the following topics have been discussed:


The Dream of the Big Screen - Slept Away on the Funding Couch? 

"We are setting out to create the new German feature film!" Soon after this demand for independent film production was made, the first German film funding agency was founded. Now, 50 years later, the German film industry is plodding along a partly commercial, partly funded and not very cultural path toward being taken over by Netflix and friends. Which new production and distribution strategies are being developed today? Where can we still find "freedom from the usual industry conventions"?


The Interesting Thing about Vested Interests Risks in the Contemporary Film Experiment

Recent debates on cinema and film range from the question of whether cinema is dead or only viewing habits are changing all the way to the undeniable technological developments in cinematic production and reception. Is there still a niche for experimental film between today's extreme poles of multiplex versus museum? Or does this transformation of cinema even offer an opportunity for completely new experiments in film?


Digital Archives: Changes and Chances 

Film archives are increasingly opening up through a diversity of projects. International organisations collaborate to open up their collections, combining their knowledge and public outreach. What are the practical consequences for artists and curators? Do the archival institutions sufficiently facilitate their work, how accessible are the digital archives for research and re-use, and does this change contemporary artistic and curatorial practice?


Memory Triggers 

What's the tiniest ingredient that makes a film happen? The absence of moving images in a cinema space evokes the drama that once was there, the smells, the excitement, the dreamy buzz. The viewer fills in the blanks. This panel is part of the "Memories Can't Wait – Film without Film" Theme programme. Artist and curator Mika Taanila will discuss questions arising from the programme with his guests.


The Oberhausen Seminar: Taking Stock 

The Oberhausen Seminar brings together a group of practitioners from various fields who work with moving images. Designed to explore issues concerning the presentation of artistic moving images, it is a continuous and guided process of exchange between film and art, between the participants and the festival, and, last but not least, among the group. Participants will discuss their experiences and present results.