Das eigensinnige Kind (Raison)

Title Das eigensinnige Kind (Raison)
English title The Headstrong Child
Director Schorsch Kamerun
Music Raison
Country Germany
Year 2022
Color Farbe
Genre Music video
Duration 00:05:08
Festival year 2023
Competitions German MuVi Award
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

This song was written as a prologue to the Ravel opera L’enfant et les sortilèges (The Child and the Spells), whose libretto was written by the French author Colette, a very early feminist, as a surreal anti-authoritarian fantasy. With the actor Fabian Hinrichs, himself a great doubting loner, we have tried to make a swaying one-take clip combining an edgy, childish bid for freedom and its ambivalent (embarrassing?) transgression.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP German English Stereo
BluRay German English Stereo
DVD German English Stereo
File German English Stereo