Every year the festival offers some of its programmes barrier-free for people with hearing or visual impairments. The inclusion efforts of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen are supported by Aktion Mensch.

For people with a hearing impairment

For people with a hearing impairment, the Children's and Youth Cinema of the festival shows the competition programme from 12, from 14 and from 16 with subtitles.On request sign language interpreters translate the moderations and Q&As. 

Furthermore, during the Festival 2019, there was a screening with films from 6 years on for all those who can't read yet. The translation into sign language was shown on the screen. The programme was screened for a family audience at the weekend.


For people with a visual impairments

The festival also prepares two programmes for people with a visual impairment. For both programmes of the NRW competition, an audio description is provided via headphones. These programmes are aimed at adults aged 18 and older.