Local Projects

The Festival has been commited to various local projects in Oberhausen and the surrounding area for many years. Here is a selection of the projects.

The Oberhausen Selection

Here the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen brings its films to those who can no longer attend the festival on their own. The special feature: The films are selected by citizens of Oberhausen between the ages of 65 and 90. Every year from January to March, they screen films from the archive of the Short Film Festival and put together a programme. The criteria are set by the participants themselves: The films must be easy to understand, i.e. in German or without text, and shorter than fifteen minutes.

Traditionally, the Oberhausen selection celebrates its premiere during the festival, then goes on tour from autumn. The concept, which was launched in 2015, is enjoying growing popularity and is to be continued in the future.

Thanks to a grant from the Sparkassen-Bürgerstiftung Oberhausen, all screenings are free of charge for the organisers. A projector and screen are brought along if required, and on request the films are presented by a member of the selection group or by the Festival.


Xenia Fehrholz

WAZ Cinema Café

Every first Thursday of the month, our festival cinema, the Lichtburg Filmpalast Oberhausen, presents a special morning programme: In cooperation with the local daily newspaper WAZ and the Backwerk Oberhausen bakery, long films worth seeing are shown. As a special highlight, we are contributing a short film from our film archive that matches the main film to every screening.

You can find the exact dates and the film selection here.


Oberhausen’s Filmgeflacker art collective has been presenting films from the current year’s competitions and inviting filmmakers to discuss their works with the audience for more than ten years.