Award Winners 2023

Awards of the International Jury

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen
worth 8,000 euros

Chornobyl 22
Oleksiy Radynski
Ukraine 2023, 20', colour

Chornobyl 22
is an important piece of filmmaking for its documentation of local and global concerns in the region of Chornobyl. The jury recognised Oleksiy Radynski’s ability to create tensions in the retelling of the Russian invasion while bridging histories as well as possible futures without overt aestheticization. The honest and candid interviews in the film make it an important work for today, but also for future generations to look back to. It is communicative and concise, with the possibility to reach a wide audience in different contexts and viewing environments.


Principal Prize
worth 4,000 euros

Camino de lava
(Roads of Lava)
Gretel Marín Palacio
Cuba 2022, 27'48", colour

In Camino de lava the jury recognised the sensitivity of filmmaker Gretel Marín Palacio in the portrayal of the film’s main character and his tender relationship with his parents. The film's dialogue captures important topics that are elaborated with messages of strength from queer and feminist perspectives. The symbolic depiction of interior and exterior space and ideas of the home as a safe space and one of possible structural change are all crafted with confidence. The struggles conveyed by the parent to the child are intimate but also raise awareness of social injustices and racism in Cuba and in other global contexts.


Promotional Prize of the International Competition
worth 1,500 euros

Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
Mexico 2023, 15'49", colour / black and white

The jury recognised the artistry and craft of film as a medium involved in the making of Xiuhtecuhtli. The complexity of the film's editing and the sound were an immense feat, connecting us with the indigenous culture explored by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos. The piece is intense and deep, breaking with experimental film history to propose other film ontologies.


European Film Awards Short Film Candidate

I think of silence when I think of you
Jonelle Twum
Sweden 2022, 9', colour

In nominating I Think of silence when I think of you for the European Film Awards, the jury recognise the importance of Jonelle Twum’s practice in exploring personal histories and archives with the moving image, and its possibility to act as both a tool of self-expression, while also making tangible histories that are little recognised in experiences of Ghanaian migration in Sweden and Europe. The film’s feminist perspective gives a voice to the work's focus while exploring the meaning of silence in an evocative way.


Special Mentions

Saya di Sini, Kau di Sana (a Tale of the Crocodile’s Twin)
(I’m Here, You’re There (a Tale of the Crocodile’s Twin))
Taufiqurrahman Kifu
Indonesia 2022, 18'26", colour

I’m Here, You’re There (a tale of the Crocodile’s Twin)
brings oral history and tradition into the present with an awareness of today's precarious ecological situation. The film looks to the local to talk about wider issues globally in a light-hearted but serious way.


Nameless Syndrome
Jeamin Cha
South Korea 2022, 24', colour

Jeamin Cha developed a delicate and respectful essay on illness with a moving and caring approach to the subject. The way theoretical quotations are integrated into the film is sharp and aesthetically convincing, contributing to the film’s value.


(A Medic)
Alizhan Nasirov
Kyrgysztan 2023, 24', colour

is an expertly made portrait with exceptional cinematography. The jury were impressed by the filmmaker's ability to convey the persona of the medic against the vast landscapes depicted in the film.

The International Critics’ Prize


Basil da Cunha
Portugal/Switzerland 2023 29'44", colour

For creating an astonishingly vibrant portrait of a community through the beauty and poetry of masterful narrative storytelling.

Prize of the Jury of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia

1st Prize of the Jury of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia
worth 5,000 euros

UK 2022, 8'45", colour

A person in front of an arrangement of old video equipment. We follow a dialogue with an avatar of stereotypical femininity. Sweatmother confronts attributions of gender identity personally, biographically and poetically. We award a film that opens up questions of identity to the maximum with minimalist means.


2nd Prize of the Jury of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia
worth 3.000 euros

Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
Mexico 2023, 15'49", colour / black and white

Hypnotic interlacing of sound and image rhythms. Vitalization of cinema into a consciousness-expanding space. Film as a collective, ritual flash.


Special Mentions

Gorana Jovanović
Serbia/Slowenia 2022, 22'30", colour

How does a society cope when war and unleashed violence have destroyed peaceful coexistence between neighbours? Using football as an example, Lopte by Gorana Jovanović explores the fine line between playful confrontation and escalating violence with documentary means that are as sober as they are precise.

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
worth 1,500 euros

Let’s be friends
Arno Coenen, Rodger Werkhoven
Netherlands 2022, 5'26", colour

This year the Ecumenical Jury decided to recognize the courage and the contribution to the development of a future path for the entire film industry. Our winner movie impressed all of the team members with a relevant topic, meta ironic approach, integrity and completeness of the theme revelation. In an experimental yet persuasive way, the filmmakers managed at the same time to create a statement and argue on it also establishing a vividly impressive visual style. We greatly appreciate the brave gesture and significant input into the discussion of modern technologies (AI) that influence our everyday life more and more, while occasionally leaving us with a feeling of powerlessness.


Special Mention

Every Sunday, GrandMa
Laure Prouvost
France/Belgium 2022, 7'17", colour

We would like award a Special Mention to a film which left an unforgettable impression on the whole female part of our jury and both Christians, too. The representation of a woman of age in such a delightful and playful way sets a new tone for the film industry. Previously unfairly forgotten and now rising again with all the power of beauty, the aging woman becomes a new trend for the youth-obsessed male-perspectived world of cinema. Thank you for your inspiring masterwork, dear Laure Prouvost. Every Sunday, GrandMa should feel same as the protagonist in the nearest bright future.


Zonta Prize
worth 1,000 euros
For a female filmmaker in the International or German Competition

Noita miettin
(Thinking about that)
Mox Mäkelä
Finland 2023, 20'48", colour

Few plants were trampled in the production of this film. An oral, gutturally spoken waterfall of words that even in the original Finnish – let alone in the English subtitled version – works with absolute overload, with word inventions and leaps of thought: a rant on a world of commercial slime hooks. The film also exceeds all expectations on the visual level.

Awards of the German Jury

Prize of the German Competition
worth 5,000 euros

Turtleneck Phantasies
Gernot Wieland
Germany 2022, 17'46", colour/black and white

Drawings, diagrams, tattoos, a voice… Using personal memories and individual experiences as a starting point, the film weaves complex narratives into sketches of society. With masterly skill, different media are playfully integrated, while the film is marked by a light wit that is never far from melancholy.


Promotional Prize of the German Competition
worth 1,500 euros

Yalda Afsah
Germany 2022, 20'09", colour

Taking the form of a poetic and visually powerful approach to the relationship between humans and animals and characterized by a consistent dramaturgy of suspense and great visual clarity, the film finds a remarkable way to address the relationship between power and submission, care and control.


3sat Emerging Talent Prize
worth 2,500 euros
For a contribution with a particularly innovative approach. The prize also includes the option of purchasing the winning entry and presenting it on 3sat.

Sensitive Content
Narges Kalhor
Germany 2022, 8'48", colour

This film questions how we deal with images that depict the pains of others. Using a simple symbol, the omnipresent images of brutality hidden behind a filter are revealed. Mapping acts of state violence but also solidarity among the people, the film documents the power of the revolution – Jin, Jiyan, Azadî.


Special Mention

When He Leaves
Andrea Laušević
Germany 2023, 11'26", colour

A Special Mention goes to a film that finds haunting images for a mother waiting for the return of her child.

Promotional Prize of the NRW Jury

Prize of the NRW Competition
worth 1,000 euros

Ich darf sie immer alles fragen
I may always ask her anything)
Silke Schönfeld
Germany, 2023, 15'09'', colour

We look into a treetop. We hear bird calls, karabiner clicks, winch sounds and the rustling of leaves in the wind. Tree cuttings lie on the ground and workers are at work with crampons. With the first text tableau, the monstrous, the unspeakable unfolds.

"The garden is freed from the colossus" we will later hear from the mother. It needs space and air to breathe. And the sweet red fruits have long tasted bitter. That cherry blossoms stands for purity, innocence, joy and happiness seems perfidious when we learn that the father planted the tree 50 years ago, for the daughter's subtle and clever cinematic reappraisal makes the wound visible. Trust and security are necessary to reclaim life and healing. We are taken along and understand why the cherry tree forms the starting point of an intimate cinematic dialogue about transgenerational trauma between mother and daughter. With the filmmaker, we look for clues in the photos. Just like the filmmaker, we know that she cannot read what she is looking for in the faces.

It is existential that those affected by sexualised violence and abuse do not have to keep quiet about their painful experiences and can overcome them with support and solidarity. Then it becomes possible that the inconceivable suffering is not passed on to subsequent generations. The mother creates a powerful piece of liberation and coping, the chainsaws are running and the container for the tree cuttings is set up.

The Prize of the NRW Competition goes to a strong and courageous cinematic documentation of the filmmaker’s own family history. Vulnerable and empowering, the fifteen-minute filmic reappraisal reveals many things and at the same time shows the unanswerability of many questions.


Promotional Prize of the NRW Competition
worth 500 euros

Everything About a Mutual Acquaintance
Rasam Noori
Germany, 2023, 37'45", colour

The film shows a landscape, beautiful and barren – frozen, like the feelings of the protagonists. We are taken on a journey. The conversations, the feelings and the places in the solitude are intense and full of tension. Almost breathless, full of suspense, we follow the glances and conversations about something that cannot or must not be spoken about.

The brilliant acting of the protagonists is evident in the wide range of expressions, as well as in the concentrated reduction. Something fragile develops between them. A relationship that is beautifully translated into aesthetical images. We get to know the protagonists through a virtuoso mise en scène. The depth of emotion, the memories and speechlessness are revealed in the graphic design of the filmic spaces. The next morning, the cinematic narrative takes us back to the starting point and we wonder if it was all just a dream. The fathers who do not speak; the love of two men. What happens to the experiences of war? How do they change us? How are they passed on to the next generation? And what happens to a love that is not lived?


Special Mention

Feel What You're Feeling
Ale Bachlechner, Elsa Artmann, Samuel Duvoisin
Deutschland, 2022, 18', Farbe

Film is movement, film is sound, film is language. The contribution that the jury would like to distinguish with a Special Mention combines all of these in a special and idiosyncratic way. At the centre: bodies, words and sounds, and water. Together, the bodies create new body figures that move through a cool space marked by clarity, but which at the same time seems as convoluted and enigmatic as the body movements. The sounds are visceral and come from the depths of these bodies, the words are the language of a young generation, of a free and associative way of thinking. Neo-liberal sentences of permeability and openness, their own training language, humorously exhibited in their ambivalence. And the water goes its own way; once in the body, however, it can be tamed, can produce sounds and turn powder into a foaming mixture. A total work of art that surprised and fascinated the jury.

Prize of the WDR Westart Audience Jury

Prize of the WDR Westart Audience Jury
worth 750 euros, sponsored by WDR Westart

Members of the Jury
Ralf Bühnen, Heiner Frost, Britta Geschonnek, Ulrike Leggewie-Brohm, Lea Luhn, Christina Menne, Andreas Polka-Radtke, Christian Rychter, Armin Sawicki, Daniela Zalewski-Lange

Everything About a Mutual Acquaintance
Rasam Noori
Germany, 2023, 37'45", colour

The film tells the story of a chance encounter between two men. An unusual relationship, suspended between affection and suspicion, develops between the two protagonists. The story subtly evolves into a parable on the male image in a patriarchal society. The depth of the film comes from what is implied and unspoken, portrayed brilliantly by the two actors. We were also convinced by the film’s sensitive use of cinematic language, which perfectly supports the stringently told story.

25. German MuVi Award for the Best German Music Vide

1st Prize
worth 2,000 euros

Gravity (Laima Adelaide)
Duc-Thi Bui
Germany 2022, 6‘47‘‘, black and white

The clip perfectly combines the rhythms of the music and the text. Instead of defining the image landscape for the audience, the director believes in us, the audience, as the creators of our own images, inspired by the music as much as by the words. Therefore Duc-Thi Bui creates a cinema of its own by constructing a sensible visual layout, playing with typography as well as tempo and animated punctuation. The text on screen is both a close-read narration and an open invitation to create your own film.


2nd Prize
worth 1,000 euros

Das eigensinnige Kind (Raison)
Schorsch Kamerun
Germany 2022, 4‘51‘‘, colour

Both the song and the video take us along on an enigmatic journey into the life of the protagonist as well as into a reflection of the society around him. By choosing to act within the limited space of a Kammerspiel, Schorsch Kameruns brutally depicts how alone one can be within society. With a significant shush he makes sure the dark history stays inside without disturbing the world outside. This video plays like a nightmare straight out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Special Mention

Lamentierendes Schwein (Frau Kraushaar)
Helena Wittmann
Germany 2022, 3‘18‘‘, colour

We loved the beautiful dynamics of this clip.


MuVi Audience Award
chosen by online vote on and worth 500 euros, sponsored by kultur.west

Maschinenbauergemetzel (Paul Sies)
Julian Paul
Germany 2022, 2‘58‘‘, colour


The MuVi Partners 2023
netpoint media

The Awards of the International Children’s and Youth Film Competition

Prize of the Children’s Jury
worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by Wirtschaftsbetriebe Oberhausen (WBO)

Santiago Ráfales
Spain 2022, 19'11", colour

Our winning film is about friendship and love. The boy and the girl are the same age as us. They play games that we would like to join. Sometimes we also feel like the two friends. We liked that it was made with real children, they did a great job acting.


Promotional Prize of the Children’s Jury
worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo) 

Kasia K. Pierog
Poland 2022,12', colour

In our winning film, we were taken on a journey by two sisters. We liked that the big sister protects the little sister. The story reminds me a bit of my little brother, whom I always want to protect. The sisters fought but also made up again and stuck together. We think it was very beautifully drawn.


Special Mention

La vérité sur Alvert le dernier dodo DEU
(The truth about alvert, the last dodo DEU)
Nathan Clement
Schweiz, 2022, 16'43", colour

Our Special Mention goes to a film that is sad and funny at the same time. The boy tries to transform a chicken into a magic dodo. This is how he wants to make his sick mother well again. His grandpa helps him. It was funny to see the two of them throwing the shoes in the air and looking for the chicken.


Prize of the Youth Jury
worth 1,000 euros, sponsored by the Rotary Club Oberhausen

A menos que bailemos
(Unless We Dance)
Hanz Rippe Gabriele, Fernanda Pineda Palencia
Colombia 2023, 14'34", colour

We feel that this film is very emotionally charged, especially the dance scenes and the listing of the deceased at the end of the film. Music and dance connect the protagonists and give them a perspective in an environment marked by violence. The film conveys closeness through its unembarrassed and honest portrayal and enables us to comprehend the various issues. The film is thought-provoking and it was easy for us to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes. The visual and sound design are also great.


Special Mention

Summer Nights
Virgile Ratelle
Canada 2023, 14'22", colour

Our Special Mention goes to a film that, for us, above all conveys a sense of freedom. It portrays the relationships of adolescents, documents them while skateboarding and shows their wishes for life. We really liked how it was realized, especially the authentic camera.

Prize of the ECFA Jury

ECFA Short Film Award
The award consists of a nomination for the ECFA Short Film Award 2024

Aaaah !
Osman Cerfon
Frankreich 2023, 4'41", colour

Our winner is a film that fearlessly and with a fresh approach uncovers the raw emotions that bind us all. This film left us in stitches with its clever and humorous take on uncomfortable moments we can all relate to. Less is more, the director brilliantly weaves different short stories together with a very unique style, using just two letters of the alphabet. The bold visuals capture the essence of the film and have lingered in our minds long after viewing.

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury of the Children’s and Youth Film Competition

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury of the Children’s and Youth Film Competition
worth 1.500 euros

Le Jour de gloire
Romuald Rodrigues Andrade, Ludovic Aklil Piette
Frankreich 2022, 21'46", colour

20-year-old Kamel and his friends have a plan: They want to make their city a place worth living in for everybody. But they are faced with the harshness of an adult world where good ideas are not enough to succeed. When they are dismissed as unimportant, they do not lose hope and are determined to fight for a better tomorrow. Le Jour de gloire impressively depicts an obviously relevant issue for children and young people in times of multiple crises: How to participate in society while being marginalized due to their age, their social background, or their lack of political experience? We see how family can be both helpful and destructive at the same time for young people trying to establish themselves – and how solidarity overcomes personal needs. The well-executed script, the outstanding acting, and the ability of telling a universal yet complex story through a seemingly small event convinced the jury as much as young Kamel is convinced of community organizing as a means towards self-efficacy.

Competition Films

International Competition

The world's oldest short film competition is a forum for experiments, unusual content and formats, and the place for cinematic discoveries, regardless of genre and production country. Every year, filmmakers from over 40 countries present themselves here. Only international festival premieres are admitted to this competition. The professional audience researches new films here, and a premiere shown in this competition is often a springboard for selection at other festivals - not least for the Oscar.

Filmmakers from all over the world are invited to present their work in person. The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen appoints its own selection committee and juries for this competition, in which the traditional Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen is awarded.

Further Links
Reglement (Download-PDF)
Members of the jury (since 2009)

The Jury of the International Competition 2024

Keiko Okamura, curator, Tokyo
Keren Cytter, artist, Münster
Ariel Schweitzer, film critic, Paris
Abraham Ravett, filmmaker, Boston
Marco Müller, film producer and festival director, Shanghai
Ilya Tomashevich, filmmaker, Paris

All members of the jury since 2009

Former contributions

Among the international contributions were works by: Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Santiago Álvarez, Lindsay Anderson, Roy Andersson, Kenneth Anger, Andrea Arnold, Yael Bartana, Neil Beloufa, Jürgen Böttcher, Walerian Borowczyk, Stan Brakhage, Vera Chytilová, Jem Cohen, Terence Davies, Khavn De La Cruz, Valie Export, Milos Forman, Robert Frank, Karpo Godina, James Herbert, Takashi Ito, Joris Ivens, Ken Jacobs, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Isaac Julien, Miranda July, William Kentridge, Jan Lenica, George Lucas, Dusan Makavejev, Jonas Mekas, Mike Mills, Kornel Mundruczo, Robert Nelson, Yoko Ono, Adina Pintilie, Roman Polanski, Laure Prouvost, Alain Resnais, Pipilotti Rist, Martin Scorsese, Cate Shortland, John Smith, Michael Snow, Alexander Sokurov, Jan Svankmajer, Eva Stefani, István Szabó, Matsumoto Toshio, François Truffaut, Gus Van Sant, Agnès Varda, Bill Viola, Apitchatpong Weerasethakul, Jia Zhang-Ke, Zelimir Zilinik


Katharina Schröder

German Competition

With surprising diversity, topicality and a critical eye, Germany's oldest short film competition impresses its audience anew every year. Innovative short films by established filmmakers and newly discovered talents, produced in Germany but with themes from all over the world, compete here. The German Competition gathers independent artistic positions of all genres and is appreciated especially by international audiences as a showcase of German short film. A premiere shown here is noticed attentively and is often a door opener for other festivals. In addition, some of the entries submitted here also take part in the International Competition.

Further Links
Regulations (Download-PDF)
All members of the jury since 2009

The jury of the German Competition 2024

Max Linz, author and film maker, Berlin
Kathrin Resetarits, author and film maker, Vienna
Boris Schafgans,author and film maker, Berlin

All members of the jury since 2009

Former contributions

Unter den deutschen Beiträgen waren Arbeiten von: Jürgen Böttcher, Detlev Buck, Phil Collins, Hellmuth Costard, Doris Dörrie, Andreas Dresen, Valie Export, Harun Farocki, Jeanne Faust, Werner Herzog, Romuald Karmakar, Alexander Kluge, Volker Koepp, Korpys/Löffler, Jan Krüger, Matthias Müller, Bjørn Melhus, Werner Nekes, Peter Schamoni, Ulrich Schamoni, Angela Schanelec, Christoph Schlingensief, Rudolf Thome, Adolf Winkelmann und Sönke Wortmann


NRW Competition

In the youngest competition at Oberhausen, the filmmakers of the region meet their audience. The varied programme presents independent productions as well as the most interesting student films of the current year. Here, regulars of the Festival meet new talents still to be discovered - a mixture highly appreciated by both regional and professional audiences.

North Rhine-Westphalia is not only home to the Oberhausen Festival but also one of the most important and creative film production locations in Germany. And the NRW competition, as diverse in scope as North Rhine-Westphalia as a film location, is open to all genres, styles and themes.

The short films submitted here have a threefold chance of being shown at the Festival because, in addition to the NRW Competition, they can also qualify for the German or International Competition. The films are selected by an independent committee.

Further Links
Regulations (Download PDF)
All members of the jury since 2009

The jury of the NRW Competition 2024-2026

Neriman Bayram, Kuratorin, Freiburg in Breisgau
Oliver Flothkötter, Kurator, Essen
Lili Hartwig, Kuratorin, Hamburg

All members of the jury since 2009


Children's and Youth Film Competition

The Children's and Youth Film Competition was established in 1978 and is one of the most popular sections of our Festival. It not only opens up unusual perspectives on the world to young viewers. Whether animation or documentary, experimental or feature film, there are no limits to the variety of cinematic forms.

Every year, an independent commission selects around 45 films and videos from more than 25 countries from the submissions for the German and International Competition and programmes them for the various age groups, starting from the age of three. The filmmakers* are invited to Oberhausen to present their films in person and to discuss them with the audience - an event that regularly meets with much applause on both sides.

The prizes are awarded by juries of children and young people. In addition, a jury of experts nominates a film for the ECFA Short Film Award which was initiated by Oberhausen. The children's and youth film competition is accompanied by a series of film education projects for children, young people and educators.

Further Links
Regulations (Download-PDF)
Film education
All members of the jury since 2017


German MuVi Award

With the MuVi Award for the best German music video, Oberhausen launched the world's first festival prize for music videos in 1999.  Over the years, the MuVi Award has become a meeting place and forum for filmmakers, the trade press and the short film scene - a place to make discoveries and be discovered. Above all, it has developed into a real audience favourite. Here the Festival pleads for the extraordinary visual form as well. Only current music videos whose director or production is based in Germany are nominated.

An independent commission will select ten to twelve candidates from the submissions, who will be invited and screened at the festival. An international MuVi jury will award the prize winners. In addition, an audience award will be presented, which will be determined by voting on the Internet. 

Further Links
Regulation MuVi
MuVi 14+
after youtube
A selection of the jury members since 1999


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