The Winners of the 26th MuVi Award

70th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 1 – 6 May 2024


The Winners of the 26th MuVi Award

The Award Ceremony took place on Saturday, 4 May 2024, 10pm CEST, at the Lichtburg Filmpalast, Elsässer Str. 26, 46045 Oberhausen.

Ten German music video productions were selected from over 230 submissions for the 26th MuVi Award of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Two jury prizes and an audience prize worth a total of 3,500 euros were awarded on 4 May 2024.


The Jury:

Anne Haffmans, Head of Domino Germany, Germany

Benjamin Moldenhauer, journalist, Germany

Shahrzad Eden Osterer, journalist, Germany



1st Prize

worth 2,000 euros


Schleim des Nichtwissens (Back To Comm)

Marc Richter

Germany 2024, 5‘36‘‘, colour



Initially we didn’t have this winner on our shortlist. But the clip grows with every viewing. Opulent costumes, Hieronymus Bosch-like Tableaus and AI aesthetics come together in the richly detailed images. It’s not just the hands of the figures who appear apathetically in these tableaus that are deformed, but almost all of their body parts. Humanity is largely at an end here. What’s left are chemicals, mutations, fungi and exposed brains. A hybrid freak show in which destruction, anxiety and beauty intermingle. The impression of beauty is reinforced by the meditative calm of the music. The abnormal is celebrated and loses its horror. What’s more, this clip is the only one in which music and images were created by one artist – who has developed a truly new aesthetic in these images.



2nd Prize

worth 1,000 euros


Das Parlament der Dinge (F.S.K.)

Juno Melián Meinecke

Germany 2023, 3‘40‘‘, colour/black and white



In the second prize-winner's video, the visual aesthetics, the tonality of the music and the lyrics are close together. There is no sound/image divide: We hear a word such as the word broom and see a drawing of a broom. The singer sings the word sofa and we see a sofa. The aesthetics of the images seem old – Super 8, VHS, samples from old films – but not antiquated. Both sound and image appear virtuoso and amateurish. We particularly liked how the children's drawings do not simply duplicate text and music, but add further layers to both. The things and children's drawings are fun, the clip is open in terms of meaning and characterised by a great joy in the society of commodities. In the end, however, everything has exploded and Hammer and Sickle applaud.



Special Mention


Google Your New Name (Golden Diskó Ship)

Paula Reissig

Germany 2023, 3‘25‘‘, colour



Our emphatically and wholeheartedly given Special Mention goes to a clip that depicts private spaces that have become precarious. It sounds a little abstract at first, but immediately jumps out at you when you see it: A living room is flooded by a mercury-like liquid, doppelgangers appear, and the supposedly protected space of privacy becomes more and more poisoned. Director Paula Reissig is a computer game designer, among other things, and has created a scenario of the uncanny that harmonises wonderfully with the music of Golden Diskó Ship. And this despite the fact that it, the music, moves forward while the images set the scene for a state of mental emergency.



MuVi Online Audience Award

chosen by online vote on and worth 500 euros


Das Parlament der Dinge (F.S.K.)

Juno Melián Meinecke

Germany 2023, 3‘40‘‘, colour/black and white



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Oberhausen, 4 May 2024

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