Gute Arbeit, gute Nacht

Title Gute Arbeit, gute Nacht
Director Michel Wagenschütz
Country Germany
Year 2021
Color Farbe
Genre Experimental, Documentary, Fiction
Duration 00:15:00
Festival year 2022
Competitions German Competition
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

We witness a cell phone conversation between a post-studio artist and a job centre employee in which the artist struggles to explain and justify the expenses of her practice. The same script is performed in various contexts: in a hotel room, a fast fashion store, a rental car. The director’s voice occasionally intervenes, blurring the boundary between the cinematic scene and the real conditions of its production.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP German English Stereo
BluRay German English Stereo
DVD German English Stereo
File German English Stereo