Kurzfilm in der Schule ist machbar

Kurzfilm in der Schule ist machbar
Title Kurzfilm in der Schule ist machbar
English title Shortfilm in school is feasible
Festival year 2022
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Moderated by Dr. Barbara Kamp

The German Short Film Association was founded in Oberhausen in 2002 to represent the interests of German short film. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the AG is planning a series of nationwide discussion formats on the subject of short film and schools. The kick-off event will take place during the 68th Oberhausen Short Film Festival.

Although there are many positive experiences with the screening of short films in teaching contexts, the short film as a special cinematic form remains largely unmentioned in the educational curricula of the German states.  Is this something to be regretted or does it offer an opportunity for creative impulses in schools? Together with a group of experts, we will look at the existing infrastructure and discuss the potential and limitations of short film in schools.

Stakeholders from the school context are cordially invited to contribute their personal perspectives to the discussion in a fishbowl format. 

In German only!