Title 20-20
English title 20-20
Director Karen Trask
Country Canada
Year 2021
Color Farbe
Genre Experimental
Duration 00:02:00
Festival year 2021
Competitions International Competition
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

20-20 is a compilation of 5 short, video-journal reflections on 2020. Each

was created as Karen Trask’s contribution to an exquisite corpse

video project called 2GatherApart. Organized by a group of Montreal

artists, it was a way to stay connected and creative during the

pandemic. 20-20 is a personal and humorous look at an unusual year.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP English Stereo
BluRay English Stereo
DVD English Stereo
DCP English German Stereo
File English Stereo
File English German Stereo