Auch im Bentley wird geweint (Deichkind & Clueso)

Title Auch im Bentley wird geweint (Deichkind & Clueso)
English title People Cry in Bentleys Too
Director Timo Schierhorn, Uwe
Music Deichkind & Clueso
Country Germany
Year 2023
Color Farbe
Genre Music video
Duration 00:03:21
Festival year 2023
Competitions German MuVi Award
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

A rap video, filmed with the back-up camera of a Bentley Continental GT. ‘We wanted to film using the dearest, heaviest and most inconvenient camera in the world, one that is also not especially good to boot,’ the band's press release says. A stylish film studio, a dolly and tracks for the heavyweight status symbol and reverse gear left in throughout. Money doesn’t make you happy, and necessity is the mother of invention. This is how clichés are taken ad absurdum.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP German Stereo
BluRay German Stereo
DVD German Stereo
File German Stereo
DCP German English Stereo
File German English Stereo