Western Canons and Local Legacies

TitleWestern Canons and Local Legacies
English titleWestern Canons and Local Legacies
Festival year2022
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

The podium becomes a meeting ground of folk from around the world who occupy and navigate a similar space. Individuals who explore experimental cinema in various ways, be it practical, academic, theoretical, or handcrafted. Together we will question what makes a film home grown. Do influences traverse both ways? Can they cross over to create a different form or new channels of visual communication? Do local legacies even hold weight, and how do we go about giving them their due?

In this podium, we unpack this and more through a lens of the local and foreign cultural synergies of sharing a medium. The podium will unravel as an exchange of stories, processes, and influences.