Title L'escale
English title The Stopover
Director Collectif Faire-part
Country Belgium, DR Congo
Year 2022
Color Colour
Genre Documentary, Experimental
Duration 00:14:00
Festival year 2022
Competitions International Competition
Online rental Yes
On-Site rental Yes

In 2019, filmmakers Paul Shemisi and Nizar Saleh travelled from Kinshasa to Frankfurt for a screening of their new film. During a stopover in Angola, they were stopped at the airport because the airline didn’t trust their papers. In this short film, the testimony from the filmmakers provides an insight into the impossibility for Congolese artists to travel trouble-free and in safety.

Formats Language U/T Sound
DCP French English Stereo
BluRay French English Stereo
DVD French English Stereo
mp4 French English Stereo