Portadoras queer: el doble y la repetición (Ascii.Disko)

Portadoras queer: el doble y la repetición (Ascii.Disko)
TitlePortadoras queer: el doble y la repetición (Ascii.Disko)
English titleQueer Carriers: Double and Repetition
DirectorAna Laura Aláez
CountryUSA, Japan, Spain
ColorSchwarzweiß und Farbe
GenreMusic video
Festival year2021
CompetitionsMuVi International Award
Online rentalNo
On-Site rentalNo

The video explores the degrees of rebelliousness in a given representation of plural femaleness. A reversed music video with sound created for the images by the electronic music project Ascii.Disko. The video characters are carriers of non-binary identities in perpetual motion. Each one is like a contemporary demiurge: in search of a personal form of expression no matter how many times they fall down constructing themselves. The work was produced with the support of a 2018 Multiverse Grant for video art creation of BBVA Foundation and Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.